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[Sold] 1998 Yamaha Zeal FZX250 $1200

Discussion in 'Archived' started by messedale, May 5, 2013.

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  1. 1998 Yamaha Zeal FZX250

    • ODO: 63000km
    • Rego: PCD57 Valid until: 17/8/2013
    • Location: Belmont NSW - in the Newcastle/Lake Macquarie area.
    • Price: $1200
    Pics available here: http://s1300.photobucket.com/user/j...&page=1&_suid=1367746881922048671762492677406

    Since getting the bike 18 months ago (had about 48000km) I've done the following:
    • Replaced spark plugs
    • Flushed cooling system, New coolant, New thermostat
    • Oil changes approx every 4000km (have just put in fresh oil and filter)
    • Cleaned chain every 1000km
    • New fork seals and dust seals
    • Checked valve clearances (all were within spec)
    • New cam cover gasket
    • Cleaned fuel tank and replaced fuel filter
    • Stripped and cleaned carbs (that's how I know the slides are the problem)
    • New gear shift and rear brake rubbers
    • New indicators all round
    • Tyres are both Pirelli Sport Demons with about 10,000km/12 months use on them. Still have 5000 or so left in them
    The bad:
    • Carbs have issues - sticking slides in 1 of the carbs. I pulled them down, cleaned them and free'd them up which fixed the issue for a while, but it came back. Ideally you'd need a replacement set of carbs from a wrecker (was quoted $165 and can pass on details to buyer). Still rides fine as long as you shift before about 10,000 rpm, winding it out to redline one of the slides sticks fully open and then it runs bad at mid throttle for a while (sometimes until you let the bike cool).
    • Has some scars on the paint work, the worst being scratches on rear left ducktail fairing
    • 'Interesting' custom 4 into 1 exhaust design, has a shorty r1 muffler which make no mistake is very LOUD. I question how well this exhaust would flow, a standard system from a wrecker was quoted at about $300.
    • Fuel tank had some rust in it when I got it, I cleaned it up pretty well and have always
    • kept the tank full between rides so that it could not get any worse. New fuel filter at the time too.
    • Thermofan temp switch doesn't work, I've wired in a manual switch
    • Battery is getting a bit tired
    • Pillion seat has a small tear/hole in the covering

    Overall it's been a good bike to learn on and gain experience. Despite the problems I've listed here, I've done 15,000km reliably on it and had a lot of fun, so don't be too put off. Has a low seat height which is good for the vertically challenged. Would suit a new rider on a budget, or someone willing to spend a little money to fix the carb problem and maybe get a standard exhaust system.

    Willing to negotiate slightly on the price, but as I couldn't have been more honest in my description don't try and use and problems as bargaining points to lowball! I've priced it appropriately.

    Selling due to having now upgraded licence and bike.

    Contact me for inspections etc - Dale. Via PM on here, or phone/sms 0413 938 855

Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.