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[Sold] 1998 Kawasaki ZZR600

Discussion in 'Archived' started by FreddyB, Apr 23, 2013.

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  1. I only bought this bike about a month ago with the intention of using it as a daily commuter.

    Due to some cash flow issues and yet another near miss, I've decided that riding in the Yarra Ranges on a regular basis is just not all it's cracked up to be! :( Too many tourists/drunks/idiots doing too many stupid things. :mad:

    In spite of it's obvious cosmetic issues, I've been really happy with this bike. Has enough power without being nuts and is a nice comfy ride.

    Was a repairable write-off in NSW but has been repaired (and obviously dropped again :rolleyes: ) and been through VIV etc. Has a completely clear title.

    Last RWC was issued on 20/03 so I should have tried to sell it last week! :rolleyes: I've only put 1000 k's on it since last RWC, so I can't see it having any issues. Rear tyre is getting close, but should hopefully still be OK. I'm not interested in chasing a RWC myself at this stage hence the cheap price.

    Contact me here or text to Oh 4 22 44 88 five five.

    Photos here:


  2. Still available. Do what the last bloke did when I sold a bike. Tell me you're riding it around australiia then fix it and sell it for a profit on e-bay as 'mature owner. Never dropped' :rolleyes: :lol
    Seriously though. Now motivated due to impending separation. :( bike is still going strong. All reasonable, or even unreasonable offers considered. Really need to sell asap. Can be viewed healesville/knox or surrounds.
  3. That's a lot bike for the money, good luck with the sale.
  4. Thanks MV. It's certainly still going fine.
    'Impending' is now sadly obselete. If I can't sell, it's just going to sit going totally to waste. I can't drive the kids around on a bike. :rolleyes:
    I know the used market is slow but I figured someone might need a cheap 'beater' to get about. I would probably accept considerably less than 1800 at this point as well which kind of annoys me because at that price I would definitely keep it if I was able to use it/afford reg etc.
    Anyway.......anyone?? :D
  5. If only you were in SA is be at yours right about now
  6. @ RRDevil, consider having it sent over via freight????
  7. registering interest, shoot me a message.
  8. He he. I'd probably even have one last fling and meet you half way if you were really keen. :D I have no idea on freight but could probably work it out??
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.