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[Sold] 1998 Honda CBR1000-F

Discussion in 'Archived' at netrider.net.au started by The Renegade, Jan 8, 2015.

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  1. Honda CBR1000-F 1998 Model. Superb condition, black, grey and gold colour scheme. Stored in my garage, and very rarely ridden in the rain. Always serviced by reputable shops. Selling only to fund purchase of collectable bike.

    Bike is 100% stock with zero modifications.

    I have owned the bike for only a short time, but have to sell to fund the purchase of a bike I have been after for a while.

    I am the 4th owner of the bike. It has never been dropped or damaged.

    Bike is in excellent condition, has been kept garaged and only ridden in the wet if I got caught out.

    It has a tank cover that accommodates the attachment of a tank bag, but I do not have the bag for it.

    It also comes with a Ventura rack and bag, which is a little faded but all the zips and the bag itself are perfect.

    The bike has 2 near new Michelin Pilot Road 3 tyres. There's probably less than 1000km's on them.

    Only bad points are slight scuffs to the pipes from a previous owner trying to fit the bike thru a small wooden gate.

    Bike is available for viewing most days, evenings and weekends. Phone Glenn on 0419 440 505 if you wish to view the bike or have any questions. If you wish to test ride the bike, the full cash price must be left as a deposit, along with licence. Unless I know you, and I trust you.

    $4800 ono. Located in Port Macquarie, N.S.W. but I will assist with delivery when I can.

  2. Here's a couple more pix I took after I washed her on the weekend.

    IMG_3842.JPG IMG_3843. IMG_3844.JPG
  3. New Price - $4499
  4. The all important question you failed to address.... How many km on it?????
    These bikes have 3 chains in the motor, and a very common chain rattle that many think when they hear it is the cam chain, but it is in fact the alternator chain, it's ratchet and guides which are quite a big job to replace.
  5. Bugger it, I knew I'd forget something .... I was hoping it would be something menial and not something so important.
    As of getting home from work just now it has 65454 on the clock.
    Roger that on the chains, I believe they are the ones that Honda voluntarily replaced when users complained about the premature rattling.
  6. Price drop - $4199
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