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[Sold] 1998 Aprilia RS250 track bike

Discussion in 'Archived' started by pennybrain, May 9, 2013.

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  1. I have decided to sell my much loved track bike. I don't have the time to ride it at the moment.

    History of the bike is that it was raced many moons ago and I bought it off the guy who raced it, since I have owned the bike it has never skipped a beat, always started (sometimes with a little more effort required than others being a 2 stroke) and it has been well maintained. Most of the work I have done myself but I have had some help with the more complicated things.

    It has been painted matt black recently and looks really good. I wanted to paint the rims as well but never got around to it.

    Comes with heaps of spares - foot pegs, handle bars, sprockets (for the different tracks), 2 stroke oil reservoir tank and heaps more things that I don't know the names of, 5 slick tyres (all used but still with more life left in them), 2 production tyres (1 lap done on them) and 1 set of wets (brand new), kaneg tyre warmers, 2 rear stands (1 kaneg), 1 front stand (kaneg), spare freshly painted fairings (front fairing and both side fairings), manual, spare battery, spare paint for any little touch ups required, bike cover and whatever else I have forgotten to mention.

    The not so good components are that the speedo never worked, I used to attach a digital tacho so that I could see the revs. One of the foot pegs is broken but there are 4 spare foot pegs included and the peg that is on there works fine, its just the very end of it that is missing. Some parts of the bike have had sealant applied to fix leaks (on the 2 stroke oil tank), the fairings are held on by dzus fasteners however the 2 end bits of the fairings are held on with cable ties.

    Asking for $3700 ONO, no test rides sorry, I'm happy to ride it for someone.

    Any questions just ask me, I have heaps more pics if anyone wants any. Thanks [​IMG]

  2. It doesn't want to let me upload any photos. No idea whats going on there sorry.
  3. Have you tried decreasing the size of photo?. Copy it into paint and resize it 25% or use a similar program. It might not be uploading because it's too big?
  4. seems like a bargain with all the spares. Good luck.
  5. bike. bike2. bike3.
    Finally figured out how to put some photos on.
  6. So they don't seem to be working....
  7. get someone techy with computers to help you with it. Pictures will greatly increase chance of a sale ;)
  8. All works here now using Tapatalk. I couldn't see them earlier on my laptop though.
  9. Open to offers!
  10. Bump! Racing season is upon us. And price drop $3000
  11. $2500 without some of the tyres
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Not open for further replies.