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[Sold] 1996 ZX6R track/race bike

Discussion in 'Archived' started by blaringmike, May 18, 2012.

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  1. 1996 Kawasaki ZX6R
    Ready to jump on and race or use for track days, eligible for PCRA and St George Clubsport
    K&N airfilter, arrow headers and custom muffler
    Professionally dyno'd by MotoGarage with 'dyno jet' kit
    93 HP with dyno sheet
    Full front and rear suspension rebuild by the "Suspension Smith"
    All lockwired
    Engine cases
    Barnet Carbon Fibre Clutch kit. New plates, fibres and springs <1200kms.
    Braided front lines, rebuilt calipers and MC
    New OEM front brake rotors <1200kms
    Oil changed every second trackday/race
    Pirelli Superbike slicks, only used twice
    Brand new wets, never used. No spare rims though.
    Tyre warmers
    Receipts for most of the work/parts.

    I was going to paint this green and black but havn't got round to it. Paint will come with the bike. Bike is currently white.

    Crashed once, scratches on the frame but bike rides straight. Few small cracks in race glass but easily patched up.

    Comes with spare tank, damaged road fairings, spare screen and a new set of woodcraft clip ons.

    Great bike, regretful sale.

    $3700 ono.

    0404 673 556

    Link to album with photos:

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  2. Now with pics
  3. same as last time, tempted but no money short of selling one of my bikes...

    good luck mate :)
  4. Super interesting! I'm about to post up my old zx6r track bike and this has made me re think the price.

    Good luck mate!
  5. Still available. Serious offers considered.
  6. Price drop, $3600.

    Can a mod please edit the op as the forum software won't let me. Thanks.
  7. Still probably a little high mate, I just sold mine (not nearly as nice an example) but with piles of spares for heappppps less than that.

    Deserves a coat of green paint and some nice photos too it you want it gone, Theres just to many good deals out on early 00s bikes these days.
  8. Cheers mate, I'm open to offers but in no rush to sell. If its still around in a month or so I'll paint it and put it up again.
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  9. Price drop $3000.
  10. Quick bump, looking for offers around $3000. All set up and ready to race on in PCRA or St George
  11. Price dropped again - $2500
  12. Hey.. not quite in a position to purchase yet, but having now done a track day the bug has bitten. Quick question - repairable writeoff, or statutory write off - or neither?
  13. Price drop $2000

    The bike wasnt a write off when it was purchased. It couldnt be put back on the road with all the tracks mods that have been done.
  14. Sold - Mods please lock.
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