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[Sold] 1992 Honda VFR-750 L

Discussion in 'Archived' started by hornet, Jul 23, 2016.

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  1. Long story, but I've stumbled across a low-mileage 4th-Gen which the guy wants to get rid of (and which I don't want). It's a red 1992 model, with just 50,000kms on the clock. The guy has owned it since 1994 and in that time he only rode it for a couple of years; it hasn't been ridden for 15 years, he says.
    Obviously it's not a ride-away proposition, but after I looked at it and told him it didn't suit my purposes, he said he was going to sell it to a wrecker, so it would be a great project for someone wanting to rescue it from that fate.
    It's absolutely complete, never dropped, always garaged. It has the accessory solo seat cowl, and is utterly unmolested. It has one small blemish in the metal belly-pan from the gear lever hitting it in a fall in the garage, and one small crack in the bodywork adjacent to the passenger seat from the same drop.
    He was talking $1,500 to me, but as I suggested to him that he wouldn't get a razoo for it from a wrecker, he might be open to a lower offer if you said you wanted it for bits yourself (WINK).
    He said he would take some photos this weekend and send them to me; I get the feeling that now he's been approached about selling it, he's now decided to get rid of it, so the iron might be hot. He needs the space in his garage; (sheesh, talk about a hoarder :LOL:).
    Once I have some pics I'll update this, but if you want to get in contact with me, either before that, or after, I can give you his details. I have told him that I'm advertising it on his behalf, here, and on ozvfr.

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  2. definitely interested. where is the guy based?

    I;d luv to have a look and have a discussion with the guy

  3. He's in the Sutherland shire, I can get his details to you via pm if you want
  4. please do would interested to check it out
  5. BIKE IS SOLD.....
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