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[Sold] 1991 Suzuki RGV250

Discussion in 'Archived' at netrider.net.au started by i_cruise, Dec 5, 2011.

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  1. Moving anything in my garage is like playing Tetris at the moment, so i've decided to sell the little Suzuki. I bought the bike unregistered in 2007 and spent 12 months rebuilding it in my spare time ( i have photos of the rebuild). It's had alot of money spent cosmetically and in engine upgrades. Factory fairings have been re sprayed in the original metallic pearl white and all the suzuki decals have been re-applied, they look stunning in the sunlight along with the white powercoated wheels.

    The list of parts replaced would go on forever, but the important ones are as follows:

    -Engine top end re-build
    -New clutch plates
    -New Dunlop alpha 10's
    -new chain and sprockets
    -Billet aluminium O-ring cylinder heads from tuning works in the UK (Very expensive)
    -All new engine hoses
    -34mm Carbs
    - Full power 22D30 SAPC box

    As is commonly the case with these projects, I did %99 of the work and left it in the shed for a couple of years. All it needs to start up and be ready for a RWC is and exhaust and a battery. The first and only time it has been ridden under my ownership was a track day last year and it ran beautifully. Every part has either been tidied up, re-finished, painted or replaced so it's super clean.

    I'll also throw in a pair of 6 piston Hayabusa calipers with a seal kit (a common upgrade for RGV's), 4 litres of Castrol TTS 2 stroke oil, the original heads and any other spares i have for the bike.


    Contact Russell on 0413937822 (located in Eltham, Victoria)

  2. I have many many photos of the bike, which i'll e-mail upon request. photobucket is giving me no end of grief!
  3. Sweet bike good luck
  4. Lovely looking bike :0

    Good luck with the sale.

  5. Price drop $2750. A steal considering what was spent restoring it!
  6. how stupid is it to be considering this, as a tracky, when ive done one track day and the amount of restoration that has gone into it?
  7. that is beautifull, nothing looks as good as the sports bikes of this era
    sorry unfortunetly im 10 months off of lams ending:(
  8. Not so silly enigma. I've had a few RGVs and the track is the only place they seem happy!
  9. For sure, there built for the track.

    I did the same as your thinking and got a tracky after one track day. Great move you won't regret it! In fact I'm thinking the same thing as you!!
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  11. i would of given it a crack, cept im tight on cash atm and need a car to tow the other bikes!
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