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[Sold] 1991 CBR250RR MC22

Discussion in 'Archived' started by boars, Nov 17, 2013.

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  1. #1 boars, Nov 17, 2013
    Last edited: Jan 10, 2014
    Hi guys,

    Short story:

    Looking for $2600

    Edit: Price drop - $2200 with RWC - 2000 with no rego
    Can deliver.

    Located in NW brisbane

    (apologies for the woeful quality smartphone photos)

    • CBR250RR MC22 - 1991
    • Black/red/silver
    • 37,120KM
      • Had it for a year
      • been commuting nearly daily on it - a round trip of about 45km (22 or so each way)
    • Registered till 18/4/14
      • Currently dual seat rego
    • New tyres + serviced about 1-2 months ago - plenty of tread - had it ready to sell with RWC etc but had to put off sale... so now that's probably expired and will have to redo
    • Have a H4 headlight conversion kit - cost ~$152 + shipping - brighter light + easier starting (headlight remains off while bike starts)
    • Got a pair of reconditioned front forks put on 2 months ago + 20 cent mod (adds 40 cents of value right there ;)).
    • Have brand new full set of OEM plastics in essentially same colour scheme as pictured (have only fitted rear cowling so far - old one had a crack)
      • Includes brand new rear mudguard - so it actually has the required reflector etc - most have this cut off! Have the one where it is cut off if you'd prefer this! Don't cut the new one!
      • Have brand new air ram plastic bits that sit under the front fairing
      • Current plastics had some damage - previous owner admitted to dropping it twice on gravel drive - these are learner bikes after all
    • Rides well and in decent condition - always under cover - even at work (secure car park).
    • Have replaced the front levers with some shorty after-market ones - read: cheap knock off pazzo's. They've been excellent though, certainly not going to fault them. Have the originals still if you'd prefer that
    • Have one of those eBay "TYGA" carbon mufflers - not mounted at present - will go with the bike - I tried it for a while but really didn't like it. Pretty sure teh TYGA bit is just a load of ... but I'm not certain there.
    • Also have a spare pair of mirrors/air filter/clutch springs/oil/bits and peices.
    • New battery as of late last year if I recall correctly.
    • Issues as far as I see them
      • the two fairing mounts near the rear-sets should be replaced - only really cosmetic, isn't a big deal and hasn't bothered me
      • the current main fairings have been repaired, as evident on closer inspection on the insides of them - they are fine but it is what it is - or keep them on in case you drop it while learning, then bolt on the new ones :)
      • there is a bit of surface rust on bolts and such - as with most bikes this age
      • as with a lot of other bikes like this the steering is about 5 degree's off - further evidence that it has been dropped at least once
      • rear brake has a bit of a squawk every now and then, which is more an annoyance, tap the rear brake lever and it disappears... I wonder if this is due to a lot of riders just never using the rear brake?

    Long story:

    I got this bike with the intentions of letting my girl ride it once she was comfortable learning to ride on another bike that I'm also about to sell (a 79 Yamaha RX125)... she dropped the RX in the learning process - I feel a bit vindicated there ;) RX being dropped is a hell of a lot cheaper than a fairing'd bike :) It's also much much lighter so less potential damage to the rider.

    I feel a little less smart actually buying the CBR as she has since decided that she is more happy just jumping on the back of my bike... and has lost all interest in riding.

    I was going to make sure it was all running well and safely before letting her on it and I was pretty happy with the condition when I bought it - I've had zero issues with it.

    But as a result of her not wanting to ride, I've been enjoying riding it this year... I've been keeping her running as a regular commuter (4-5 days). It's really nimble in the morning commute and nice and narrow ;)

    Anyway I've now got 4.5 bikes and I want to pump some funds into the ".5" to get it onto the road and this is one of the bikes I didn't buy for myself and don't really have a need for it.

    I had got it ready to sell (safety cert/serviced etc) but then I got hit by a car on my FZ6N when taking it out for a morning run... so the plans to sell the CBR got waylaid as I didn't have anything that I like riding to work on :(

    I like the irony of my short bit being more wordy than my long part :p

    If you have any questions or such let me know... happy to provide more photos. Will probably take a few more soon and attach those too.
  2. Price drop.
    2k unregistered - able to drop it to you most places S.E.Qld.
    2.2k registered with road worthy.

    Going to list this elsewhere on the weekend - want it gone so I can justify more parts/work on the RD. :D
  3. Hey mate, registering interest at this point. Waiting for another $1500 to clear into my account (hopefully by the end of the week), will post or pm once I have an update
  4. Sold, pending final payment next weekend.
  5. And sold.
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