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[Sold] 1989 Yamaha FZR250 LAMS

Discussion in 'Archived' started by RS_Menace, Aug 1, 2013.

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  1. #1 RS_Menace, Aug 1, 2013
    Last edited: Sep 16, 2013
    Full year rego, runs out 11th July 2014

    Item Name - Yamaha FZR 250

    Item Description - up for sale is my FZR 250, i have had the bike only for 2 months roughly. it needs a little TLC which i dont have the time to give, i have since bought an RS 125, so she has to go.

    the bike is a grey import and was first registered in 1997. LAMS approved

    the previous owner has replaced the following
    • front tyre (pirelli "sport demon")
    • front disc rotor and pads
    • all guards and fairings (except for tank which is original
    • fork oil
    • riders seat recovered
    • windscreen
    • battery
    • indicators
    • plugs
    • chain
    and i have since given it a service, new oil & filter etc, roughly 600 ks ago
    problem areas/needs replacing
    • rear tyre worn to wear indicators in centre of tyre
    • stalls occasionally when at lights (think this is due to overfueling/needing a tune)
    • carbies could do with a good tune
    other than that its a great learner bike

    Item Price - $2500 or best offer PRICE DROP: $2200, all offers considered

    PRICE DROP AGAIN: $1900, make an offer,

    Other info - ~54000 ks

    Contact Details -

    mobile - 0439 419 383 or

    email - mitch.roberts@bigpond.com

    Location -
    Warrawee NSW 2074

    EDIT: PS, i would also consider swapping for a commuter bike of interest so let me know what you got

    Images -

    EDIT: - couple more photo's







  2. look at them....they are just beautiful bikes....love the old inline 4's
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  3. its yours for just a small fee :p
  4. i value the upside down forks of my zxr 250 thankyou very much :p

    best of luck with the sale mate - what's your new bike? BETTER NOT BE A GAY BIKE.
  5. haha cheers mate

    new bike is a 2012 RS 125, is that gay??? :cautious:
  6. no...if you got the 4 stroke version it would've been insanely gay...they are great guns fun and best of luck with her...mate went thru 2 engines before finally giving up and retiring his RS to his 3rd story apartment loungeroom as an ornament (y)
  7. haha sounds like a great use of a used bike :) im still yet to fit the Arrow exhaust and get it rejeted (will hopefully happen in the next week or 2) hopefully i dont blow the engine like your mate has lol......and no the 4 stroke version wasn't even a consideration lol

    will consider swap for commuter bike
  8. PRICE DROP: $2200

    all offers considered, really need this gone now
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Not open for further replies.