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[Sold] 1989 Honda VFR400 NC30

Discussion in 'Archived' at netrider.net.au started by phongus, Jan 20, 2015.

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  1. Hello everyone

    Up for sale is my 1989 Honda VFR 400 NC30 race bike. It has seen a few low sides and one more dramatic crash at PI. I have fixed it up since the big crash and given it a make over, took it on the track again at Broadford for a test ride and it was all good and dandy although I was still hesitant and slow. Since then it has been sitting in my garage collecting dust. I believe the last ride I had on it at the track day was in 2011 some time, and last I took it out for a ride around to keep things moving was in 2012.

    As I have no time to ride it anymore and no money to take it to the track, I want to sell it to someone who will most likely will use it more than me. It is sad to see it in the garage collecting dust and not seeing the light of day. For those who are interested and have not seen the bike that I am talking about, here is a build thread I started a while ago if you want to know about the history of the bike.


    It is currently stored in a garage with all the spare parts. I have just put the chain back on with a new rivet link, lost the clip on the previous clip chain link on the track so I thought I would get a rivet link for more security!

    There are a fare few things that will come with the bike including the following:

    Spare 18" rear wheel with wet weather tyres
    Spare tyres - both slicks and wets - have been kept indoors out of sunlight.
    Front and rear stands
    Front and rear sprockets/gears to suit Broadford/PI track
    Quick throttle (needs to be installed)
    Spare cables
    Spare spark plugs
    Some spare fairings - will need to be repaired, which can be done easily if you know how to fibreglass
    Sub frame
    Front forks
    Foldable aluminium ramp

    I haven't started the bike since 2012 pretty much and have only recently started it about a month ago. Since it was sitting for a while with dirty fuel (I did not drain the fuel *face palm*) it had blocked a lot of the emulsion tube holes and got a float bowl stuck causing some overflow issues. Pulled the carbies apart and soaked them in kerosene with further cleaning with carburetor cleaner, replaced some of the seals that I thought needed it and put it all back together with clean fuel. Starts without fuel leakage. Will need a tune as I put a HRC muffler on it after the last muffler was destroyed in the crash.

    Here are some recent images of the bike as it stands with the things that will come with it.


    I am asking $3200 ono.

    If you have any questions don't hesitate to PM me or contact me on 0423746164. The bike is located in the Northern suburbs. Unfortunately I don't have a trailer anymore so can't deliver.
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.