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[Sold] 1988 Honda CBR250R MC19

Discussion in 'Archived' at netrider.net.au started by Aus_James, Jun 10, 2013.

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    1988 Honda CBR250R MC19 – modern classic on club rego! PRICE DROP $1,900ono

    Completely standard, cosmetically a little rough, mechanically superb. 34,000kms, completely serviced and maintained by long time racer/enthusiast, new tyres/chain, Currently on Club rego (+25yo, not transferrable), no RWC as is, shouldn't need anything major, suit novice or experience rider looking for cheap fun in our speed restricted state.

    Video available at http://youtu.be/e_1OxHoftzk

    I have to sell some bikes to fund my 2014 Isle of Man race entry.

    I bought this bike after I fell in love with riding my nephews CBR250RR. I love the exciting little engine that feels like you're flying along, when really you're only just on the speed limit! Do your home work, this is the full unrestricted 45hp engine. In 1992, Honda restricted them down to 40hp due to Japanese legislation. Perfect for Victoria where most sports bikes are way too powerful to keep your license yet still have fun. Very light weight (155kgs), Honda reliability with gear driven cams. I love riding this through the hills and twisties, so much fun! A better overall bike than the CBR400R I am building as a race bike. A sports touring riding position which makes for a great overall road bike, better than the CBR400's or the later model MC22 CBR250RR which are more sports orientated. But still a sports bike!

    I have completely gone through the bike to ensure everything is in good working order, and typically, it's a Honda, everything is great. Changed all fluids, good synthetic oils etc. Put a new chain on it (good standard Japanese), put much better tyres on it. Standard is 100front 140rear which limits your choice in tyres. I upgraded to 110front and 150rear Michelin Pilot Powers which have completely transformed the bike into one of the best handling in the twisties out there. Bike is only a little slower changing direction, but stability and grip is immense and an excellent upgrade.

    I have been riding and racing for over 12years so consider myself quite experience and I still love this bike. Keep it between 12,000-18,000rpm and it sings along. Standard exhaust means it's not too loud, don't attract attention and it works brilliantly through the rev range. Will pull from 1,500rpm in 6th up a hill! If I could, I would be racing this bike over at the Isle of Man, but unfortunately they don't have a class and I'm forced to upgrade to a 400 to ensure I will be fast enough to qualify. Otherwise I would have loved to take this around the mountain course!

    Cosmetically it is rough, it's a 25yo learner bike. There are much nicer ones out there. If that's what you're looking for, then go spend $4,000-$6,000 and you'll probably be happy. While it is rough, it's fully functional and has no bearing on riding. I had planned to get a cheap set of fairings for around $400 which would transform the bike, but I've decided to try and sell it as is. The top fairing is broken around the mirror bracket and the left rear fairing has cracked just under the petrol tank. Again, no functionality problems, just cosmetic. I have been riding it like this for many kms.

    Recommend inspection, test rides welcome (with either full price cash deposit or current license deposit), will not disappoint!

    Advertised elsewhere. Reserve the right to remove at anytime

    James 0419 679 946 jameswpickard@hotmail.com

    Kilsyth, Victoria

  2. Bump... price drop $1,900ono
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