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[Sold] 1-piece leathers Shift SR1 52 medium large

Discussion in 'Archived' started by dezmonster, Jul 14, 2016.

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  1. Shift one piece leathers , new knee sliders, zip out mesh liner, extensive knee back hip armour, all zips working
    perforated panels , stretch panels all still tight, limited use , perfect except for small scrape on shoulder.
    I am just to tall for it at 5'10" 1/2 so would be perfect for someone 5'9" + or -
    Boxed and delivered registered post included in sale price of $200.
    Or pick up from Sydney Nth beaches or SMSP on arrangement.
    Very disappointed they don't fit me as high quality with good protection and looks .
    Shift are subsidiary of FOX brand made from happy vegan free range cows donating their skin to protect yours.


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  2. What size would they be mate ?
  3. Check the heading mate :)
    52 Euro large but I would call them a medium large to fit a male human of that statur
    I am just to tall for them at almost 5' 11" and 86 kg shame as they are a very nice bit of kit
  4. Nice bit of kit dez - bargain, shame i'm 5'11 or i'd have them as a spare.

    That bit about the cows................ is that true?? :whistle:
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  5. Good point LionzLionz I was wondering if the leather is organic?
  6. 100 % but unfortunately I have lost the certification of organicness
    They also had a very satisfying life as a stud bull with many many conquests .

    Oh and looks like they are sold pending payment
    thanks for watching
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  7. Bull or cow ?
    Now I have even confused my self
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