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Solar Thermal

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by ibast, Jul 6, 2009.

  1. It should have happened 10 years ago but:

    From Energy Supply Association of Australia

  2. cool. hopefully will dissuade those damn ugly wind farms from popping up
  3. Not the first by far - it'll be one of the first of the enviromission hot house type though.

    Israel, Spain(?) & California already have solar thermal plants (high pressure hot water, or molten salts) and new ones are on the boards all over the globe... ever since the nuclear power thread, I've been getting a daily google news email on solar power... there's a lot of buzz about it.
  4. cool. We've got loads of sunshine and loads of space - we should have been onto this years ago (but I suppose we also have heaps of coal so there has never been a need).

    I don't mind the odd wind turbine. Welsh mountains have them here and there and they aren't too much of a blight on the landscape. Spain has them en-masse and they do tend to dominate the skyline in certain areas. However I've also seen Erraring powerstation up close and from a distance, and I definitely prefer wind turbines.

    I heard a story about a farmer trying to sue a wind turbine company because his cows weren't producing milk. It didn't go very far because the farmer forgot he was sitting on a pile of money way bigger than the cows ever gave him as a result of the power companies leasing his land for the turbines. Not sure if it is urban legend but it sounds believable.