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Sol Invictus/Braaap Mercury 250

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  2. I know it's not a classic/restored bike, but wasn't sure what category suited it best...
  3. Keep us up to date on the bike. there was a thread here a few months ago about whether these things were any good.

    How do you find it thus far?
  4. They certainly look cool.
  5. I thought so too, and the price was right - $3990 + onroads for a brand-new bike. Plus it's a local company (although all the parts are foreign-made - the engine's Chinese).

    I don't know if anyone else looks at it, but I love it.

    Well, I don't have anything to compare it to, except my old Vespa and the Honda 250 I rode in a rider skills training class in December. Since it's been eleven years since I've even been on a bike, I didn't trust myself test-riding somebody's used bike... this is the only one I rode. A friend is selling his 2007 Ducati Monster, and I thought I'd try that out, but in the end, it was out of the budget and I didn't think feel ready.

    So. I'm comfortable on this bike, and I'm getting more confident every day. I'm LOVING riding a motorcycle - much different from a scooter, and frankly, I feel safer (though I loved that Vespa). It does what I want, which is commuting and running around town. Once I get to know some folks around here, I hope to go on weekend rides now and then.

    I'm sure I'll have more to say after more time in the saddle. Basically, for the price, I'm really happy with it so far. It does have two signal indicators, and an LED to show what gear I'm in.

    There are some things I wish were different, like the rear-view mirrors - I can't seem to get the right-hand one just right. And the petrol cap is fiddly - you turn the key and then sort of wiggle it out. These are things that come with keeping the price down, so fair enough. It's apparently an easy bike to customise, and I didn't expect a luxury/high-performance machine.

    One thing I've noticed - at low speed, there's a point where if I touch the throttle, the engine seems to clunk forward, and if I let off a touch, it clunks back. Maybe that's just a thing with some engines.

    Anyhow. I'll want to see how it shakes out at the 1000km service. Until then, I'm finding any excuse to spend a few extra minutes on it, and that's really the main thing!
  6. tell them about the engine thing and the fuel cap thing. The Engine thing might just be chain adjustment.
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  7. I will - thanks, ibastibast!

    I'm finding the exhaust note kind of fun - it's not a big grumbling vroom, but more of a blaaaaat :D

    I just walked 10 minutes to my parked bike so I could drive 5 minutes to a lunchtime appointment. I regret nothing :D

    Have I mentioned how much fun I'm having on this thing? Suddenly I get why motorcyclists are so keen on riding (as per your signature line).
  8. Glasshand,
    now it's been a few more weeks and you've done a few more kms i would be interested in hearing how you've gone with the bike. I've just got my open RE and am eyeing up a used one with 16000+kms on it.
    i love the look and the price for my EXTREMELY low budget (i was considering a scooter for the commute until i got my L's and decided i like the bike too much). The one i am looking at is going for $2990 and they are offering a warranty (albeit only 90days) .
    BUT the mixed reviews are annoying and while some have stated they have one (or their brother,cousin,friend) and have had issues it seems most of the abuse they are taking are from people who haven't touched one and wouldn't touch one with a 10 foot barge pole so really have no first hand experience to comment.
    Any actual first hand information you can offer would be gratefully received whether good or bad.

  9. Sorry I haven't replied before now, MagtrevMagtrev ... But here I am!

    The more I get used to riding, the better it gets. For example, The concerns I had about clunky shifting went away when I got better at shifting. Go figure...

    Having a ball - now and then it doesn't pop into neutral, but again, I think that's user error. I've had zero mechanical problems, and plenty of fun. I'm sure there are faster bikes, but It does everything I want.

    I feel much more solid on it than I did on the beloved Vespa. I find it easy to handle. The electric start works instantly every time, but the kick start works if I want it. It sounds all right - not like a Ducati, but let's be real. It's a 250 Qingqi motor.

    It has turned a couple of heads - I came out of a shop a couple weeks ago, and found about five locals, about sixty and Italian, looking at it and talking. Apparently it reminded them of the old cafe racers. That was fun.

    I've had a lot of chances to practice slow riding (Sydney peak hour :mad: ), and it's been fine. Filtering is fine - I might get clip-on handlebars later, and bar-end mirrors.

    So it's fun and worry-free so far.

    Things I don't like so much:
    - fuel cap is fiddly: Turn the key then wiggle it out.
    - Tyre valves - can't reach with the wand-type inflators (I'm used to this; Vespa rear tyres are a pain with certain inflators). This is more about the tyre than the bike, though.
    - Camt get right mirror into a good angle. Whole right-hand mechanism needs rotating forward. I'll get that sorted at the 1000km service.

    I'm guessing the mixed reviews come from mixed-quality setups. The guy who sold me mine said one of the biggest priorities the company had was consistent experience across all dealers. I think it could have been code for "some of the dealers are letting the side down, and they need to sort that out".

    Bottom line: I've been really happy with it so far. It was just what I wanted and felt comfortable with. Maybe I'll move up later, but right now, this is right, and it works.

    New price has just gone up $500 to $4,500, I notice. So the exchange rate could be biting them, or maybe they're doing all right.

    Let us know what you get... I'd be keen to hear!
  10. Just had the 1000km service. Invoice was for $220, and went to pay cash but didn't have enough. "How much do you have?", he asked. I had $150.

    "Done... VIP discount!" Big grin.

    Still having a ball. Haven't gone above 90 anywhere (no opportunity), but enjoying the ride... Turns, filtering, fast stops, slow riding in traffic, all good.
  11. Hi Glasshand and co.,

    I just bought me one of these a week ago and loving it so far! Rides real nice! And since im a short 5"4 female its nice and light with a low seat so more stability and less likely to drop. The gear display is really nice too for a new rider. Having a problem getting insured though. Only 2 insurers ive found so far will insure. A few wont cause im a learner but most wont because the bike isnt in their system either cause its a new model or cause they dont like Chinese imported bikes - One downside to the bike. Any recommendations for insurers Glasshand? Also my rego has it down as a Qingqi XF230 (which is the Chinese pre imported model) and not a Braaap Mercury which is super confusing. Is this normal?
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  12. do you mind if I asked what you paid for it? I had a look at one a few weeks ago and thought the recent price rise tipped it over the edge in terms of value.
  13. I bought it second hand from a guy that only had it for a year (under 1000km) and paid $3500 which I thought was pretty good. Had non stock exhaust and some other stuff added too. I think he paid over $6000 with the extras. Still looks and smells pretty new.
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  14. Well this has pushed me closer to getting one, thanks all for the good feedback.

    Im thinking about getting one for the wife to learn on for her birthday in a couple of weeks. Going to test ride on on the weekend though.....should be fun if nothing else.
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  15. Got mine a few months ago and have been riding everyday to work since.
    Not a perfect bike but definitely worth it if you like the style and features. Economic, mine makes 100km with 3L on average.

  16. Do yourself a favour, get yourself a floor pump (like for pushies) and a decent tyre gauge (mine's built in to the pump), and do it at home. That way you're always doing it when your tyres are cold, in the comfort of your garage, and you're not subject to the whims of servo pumps.
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  17. #17 GlassHand, May 3, 2016
    Last edited: May 3, 2016
    Thanks for the tip, hyperspexhyperspex! Would also mean I'd have my glasses on, so I can read the gauge. Handy!
    Hi, BlackBettyBlackBetty - congratulations! I've had mine four months now, and still having a ball.

    My rego says the same, and yeah, that's confusing. I assume that's the engine maker.

    I had no problems insuring with NRMA, but I've been with them twenty years. They had the bike in their system under Sol Invictus.

    One thing I'm tired of: explaining who makes the thing.
    Yeah, the price went up fast after Christmas. I bought mine the end of December for $3990 new. In the next month or two, the price went to $4490, then $4990. I stopped checking!
    I'm getting about that as well, RicsRics - about 50% better than my old 2004 Vespa 125 (RIP).
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  18. About insurance: I had no issues at all with YOUI. Paying about $15 a month. The mileage got better too: now it s making 100km with just 2.5L!!!

    My main complain it's the tyres as I don't feel confident with this compound, specially in rainy days. Can't wait to get some better ones with better grip.
  19. Just stopping by to say that I've changed the original Kingstone tyres (cheap, slippery and unsafe Chinese tyres) for very decent Bridgestone BT-45s. Really happy with the upgrade, specially considering we'll still have so many rainy days ahead.
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