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Soggy Bottom Boys

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by crumpetman, Feb 8, 2005.

  1. Well I managed to test out my wet weather pants this morning. The're a pair of motodry pullovers.
    Unfortunately they came up somewhat lacking.

    So here I sit in my office with a nice big wet patch right in the centre of my bum :shock: :shock: :shock:

    Anyone else out there get this problem? Anything I can do avoid this soggy experience in the future?
  2. A nappy?


    Sorry Crumpetman, someone had to do it so it might as well have been me :twisted:
  3. Even though I ride around with Dri Rider pants on in this kinda weather, I also wear a pair of Plastic pants over the top when the water gets a bit heavyer.

    I tend to find that if the pants are ill fitting or old, water tends to leach in through the stiching.
  4. I've got a pair of RJays over pants which come up to my waist. Not very sexy but my jacket easily covers them and not a drop gets in. Got to work dry as a bone this morning, swear by the RJays over pants and jacket.
  5. LOL, i kinda walked into that one :LOL: :LOL: :LOL:

    Not all bad though, it's getting all warm and soothing :roll:
  6. Oh, and my dririder jacket leaked too on the inside of the elbows and the stomach where the jacket bunches up. Not my day really
  7. Got a pair of Rivet Rainlock overpants (look like large black clown pants :LOL: )...they do the job keeping the bottom half dry but my Jacket has seen better days. Need to get the velcro replaced sometime before winter sets in :shock:
  8. yeh my dririder pants leak in heavy rain on long rides, but only in the bum. the jacket never leaks though.

    i don't think there is much you can except get overpants for your overpants, or walk around with suspiciously wet pants and see if you can flush out, so to speak, those at work who are into watersports
  9. If they're the thin nylon overpants, get yourself a bottle of all-purpose silicon, turn pants inside out and reseal those joints about 10mm past the tape either side. Works !!

    Leaky jacket? All Disposal/ Camping/ Hiking stores have fabric sealers.
    Clean jacket from where the leaks are downwards, then any sections from leak up to and into shoulder-sections. Wait until dry, then re-seal with the (usually) spray-ons. The stuff can be quite pricey, paid $33 bux for a bottle of Goretex-suitable XT-sealant (made by Grangers), but it's good for a second coat on 2 jackets after 2 years.
  10. I have a pair of Gortex snowboarding overpants made by Kathmandu and a Gortex Tiger Angel jacket and rode from canberra to Melbourne in the pouring rain the whole way and was dry when I arrived. Just have to remember to keep gortex clean which is really easy to do anyway.

  11. Ooh, now that sounds like a solution suitable for a tightass such as myself. I was starting to think I might have to buy more gear.

    Cheers Glitch :D
  12. :LOL: tightass!!! Is the water making it shrink? :LOL:
  13. I thought it was best if it was watertight till i fix the problem :shock: :p :shock:
  14. Tight arse, wet arse, make your mind up. :roll:

    I'm still trying to figure out what part of my twisted mind led me to read a thread titled "soggy bottom boys." :oops:
  15. you can spend a fortune on all that flash gear


    $15 from yakka , posty pants .
    Absoulotley waterproof.
  16. Do they come with a free CT110? :wink:
  17. You get what you pay for :)
    I have a pair of rivet rain pants with a thermal lining that I brought about 4 yrs ago. ~Approx $80, but well worth it. Have been riding through snow, storms, and complete downpours. Multi day tours where it rained 2/3 days in a row. They have never let a single drop in and with the lining, keep me completely warm (even in the snow). Used regularly in winter when raining on the daily commute. Well worth the investment if you want a good pair of pants that will keep you bone dry and warm.
  18. I'll 3rd that. Rivet Rainlock overpants are fantastic.

    I had those on, the Rivet jacket, Dianese gloves and Dianese Gortex boots on in 2001 at Philip Island where it poured all weekend, stayed completely dry watching the race in m,y gear and the ride home was hideous, never ever ridden in that much rain for 2 1/2 hours straight.

    Got home and I was completely dry, not a drop anywhere.

    As Jason says, "you get what you pay for"

  19. Wot... you left the roof down on the MX5???? :shock: