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Software to convert MP3 to MMF

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by hornet, Jul 31, 2007.

  1. .. for my Samsung phone. I really only want to convert ONE file, and I can't justify buying a $29US programme to do it. Can some Netrider Geek help, please?

  2. Just had a look at Mrs 2wheelsagain's Samsung disk and nothing there for MMF files. What does a MMF file do Paul?
    Ringtones can be played as MP3's
  3. You just took the whole process the wrong way
  4. It does get sillier, though.

    Chris is right; the Z540 is supposed to play Mp3s and use MP3s as ringtones, but none of the components of the Samsung software suite will allow me to transfer an MP3 file to the phone, and despite downloading the latest version last night, I still have had no success.
    {I might read the manual}
  5. There's no way to plug the phone in as an external drive or whatever, then just use Windows Explorer to drag and drop the files??
  6. did that with my sony phone. just copied it as a standard file. no special music import etc
  7. Does it have blue tooth?
    Do you have a PDA With Bluetooth?
    The way i transfer files to my phone is just sinc it onto the PDA And then send it Via bluetooth.

    The software that came with the phone is to crap t obother with so this is easier.
  8. It's what I do with my LG, I'm surprised that Samsung doesn't do it??
  9. As much as I love the company and its products, unfortunately this has to be the most user-hostile piece of software I've come across in a long while. The comparative Nokia product is a dream; this is a nightmare.

    I LIKE the PDA -> phone via bluetooth idea, I'll try that tonight.
  10. I have a Samsung A501 NextG phone. I have a trialware program that allows me 5 mp3 to mmf conversions before it stops. I have one or two conversions left. If you email me the mp3 that you want converted, then I can do it for you.

    Remember, no longer than 30 secs. After all, that's all the telcos allow before the unanswered call goes to message bank.
  11. My A501 will play MP3s as ringtones. However, for special tones like SMS alerts I need to install MMF files. At least, I'm fairly sure that's the case. I'll double check, if you like.
  12. Paul, if you have done the conversion can you email the file to your phone?
  13. Well, I haven't done the conversion because that programme allows for all of them EXCEPT MMF. When you click on the MMF button it brings up an error message about incorrect path, but there's no way to configure it to set a path.

    It's all too difficult; I'm just going to have to live without 'Spider-pig, spider-pig" as my ringtone :rofl:.
  14. Do, you decline my offer then?
  15. Paul, I'll have a fiddle tonight with making an MP3 out of the spider pig tune. I'll see if I can MMS it to you...
  16. I would never have picked you as an MMF type of bloke Paul, but there you go.

    Looking forward to this visit even more now! :LOL:
  17. YOU'RE sleeping in the back yard, Loz :rofl:.