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Soft Panniers on Street Triple?

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' started by Slowpoker, Apr 10, 2015.

  1. Hi All,
    Anyone had success running Dririder or other soft panniers on the Street Triple? My concern is they may flap around a bit without any support under the sides. Also, strap rubbing on the precious paintwork. I have a '14 model, so no exhaust to worry about. Appreciate any info/fitting tips.
    Cheers guys

  2. The kriega tail packs are an option.
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  3. They may rub the shite out of your paintwork...trust me..so you will need to tape your tail or the like.
    Seriously look at the kriega set up...a bit exie..but great quality and lots of combos.
    I am about to add a 10 to my 30s. My exhaust ate one of my panniers...plus they tattooed their crap on Wasabi's butt...not happy. So Kriegas and tank bag for me.
    Also pissed rain on a recent trip...Kriegas are waterproof but my panniers needed me to stop and put their shower caps on , which I couldn't do because I couldn't find anywhere to be able to climb off the bike...:(
  4. Kriega have an 8 year waterproof guarantee.
    My US30 tailpack still works perfectly after 6 years. I bought the R30 rucksack a month ago because I couldn't find anything else as good on the market that was anywhere near as good.
    Couldn't buy an Ogio no-drag because 1) I'm married to a woman 2) I don't own a Ducati.
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  5. This has reminded me to look at the Kreiga website, I'm in need of some luggage for my frequent trips to Hobart. Cheers!
  6. Love my ventura gear.
  7. +1 for Ventura.

    When I got my Street Triple, the first thing I did to it was adding a Ventura rack, but with the optional business of the grab bar.

    I only ever fitted the rack thingy for longer trips, but the grab bar was a Godsend....helping me move the bike around, onto it's paddock stand etc.

    As standard, the Striple doesn't actually have much in the way of grippable bits at the back.
  8. Thanks for the replies and suggestions all.
    Was hoping to hear of some alternatives to Ventura (not that there's anything wrong with their gear, had it on the ex), and you've delivered the goods.

    The Kriega range looks interesting, like the way you can keep tacking extra bags on.

    Now, lets hear of how much stuff you guys can cram into those 30lt bags.......or is it considered bad luck to change the undies until completion of the trip around Tassie!
  9. How many pairs of nicks do you need? A US30 Kriega should be able to take all you need plus room for a ballgown. ;-)
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  10. Providing no hairy moments are had, a lap of Tassie can be done in one pair of Reg Grundy's.
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  11. SlowpokerSlowpoker the kriega set up is fan bloody tastic...I went bush for 8 days a month ago and I was required to gussy up for work during the day and I had five different outfits, 3 pairs of daisy ducks, 4 tshirts, clean undies for 8 days ( pffft you dirty boys ! ;)), makeup, ipad, 2 pairs of jeans, 4 prs of socks
    It holds heaps...I am getting a kriega ten to,whack on the top!
    Plus it got rained, drowned in dust several times but everything inside was fine.
    I stupidly took my oxford saddle bag thingos...put various separate stuff going up but coming back took stuff out of kriega (why??) and put in the oxford. The rest is history...
  12. I have 2x 30l ventura bags back to back zipped. I think you can also get a 50 and mix and match. The new hard shell bags look a lot better than the old soft ones.
  13. Yep, I had Ventura before Kriega, I won't be going back.

    It's amazing that Ventura can charge so much yet their backs are only splashproof and with limited warranty whereas Kriega are 100% waterproof with a 10 year warranty for approx. 50% cost.
  14. The SW Motech are suited for he Street. If you use Ventura bags, spray them with silicon spray to waterproof them.
  15. Very interested in this thread. I have had my eyes on a Kreiga set up for a while - now that I have my STR, I can actually look into it! Glad to read some recommendations for it...
  16. Yep go the kriega but suss out a you tube first on how it'll attach to you tail end first...