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soft luggage for a GPX250

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' at netrider.net.au started by helent, Sep 27, 2006.

  1. Hi all
    I am looking for recommendations on soft luggage to suit a GPX 250. I am a complete newbie at all this so don't even know where to start! But I am probably looking at a sort of mid-sized tail bag - I don't suppose I will be doing much touring on the GPX (at least not at the moment anyway!). I also like the look of some of the smaller tank bags that incorporate a clear map pocket on top too (very useful) but certainly wouldn't want anything too big up front.

    I asked at the dealers where I bought the bike about luggage (before I even knew about tail and tank bags) and all they offered me was a rack with a bag to go on the rack. I don't really want a rack fixed on the back of my bike unless it comes off pretty easily when I don't want it. So I also tried a local accessories shop and asked but the assistant looked a bit blank and showed me all their empty shelves and said they didn't have much in at the moment (great - thanks for your help!).

  2. hey helen

    i've got some Oxford First Time panniers for my hyosung. they work without any problems and they can expand to quite a large size if/when needed.

    Also got a motodry magnetic tank bag, with a couple of compartments that zip together and theres also a clear sleeve on the top for the map. For a tail bag, i just stick any duffle type bag on the rear seat and ocky strap it down.

    Total motorcycle accessories in Vic Park have a reasonable slection, and if not they can order it all in. Also bikebiz.com.au have pretty good prices and very good selection.
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  4. !
    Cheers for the suggestions - I will have a look around. TMA in Vic Park was the place I tried yesterday - and like I said their luggage shelves were just about empty and the sales assistant I spoke to was a bit gormless! Ah well, maybe I should try them again and speak to someone who knows something about something :) A bit hard to get them to order stuff in when I don't know what will fit.

    Beebs - about the magnetic tank bags - now this is a really stupid question, but I presumed these wouldn't work on the GPX, as I didn't think it was a steel tank??
  5. The racks are usually a pretty permanent attachment - all you can do is change the height of the bar sticking up from the seat (by switching over for a shorter one). Tank bags are handy but if you're worried about having too much weight on the tank then it might be worth having a look at a set of soft throw-over panniers. These hang down below and beside the pillion seat which keeps the weight low and out of the way.
    If you're chasing luggage maybe try here - they're based in Perth and seem to have a fair range of panniers and tank bags.
  6. Have no fear, the GPX tank is indeed metal. The only thing I would have against a magnetic bag I guess would be how easy it would be for someone to nick it.

    Im actually in the market for one myself as I'm doing a big trip at the end of the year. I'd be interested in what you end up getting and how well it suits the bike.
  7. I think the idea of at least the smaller tank bags is they come with a shoulder strap and stuff so they go with you once your at your destination
  8. Hi All!

    All the Oxford luggage will fit all the bikes mentioned so far.
    Something to keep in mind is the Oxford Humpback series has a life time warranty, something none of the other brands have.
    They are a 1500 denier material where the Manta one mentioned above is only 680.

    Troy or Wayne are the best two guys at Total M/c Accessories to talk to about this stuff.
  9. I'm not sure if I've been helped by Troy or Wayne, but every time Annette (she's older than any of the other staff I've seen there) has served me she's been incredibly helpful.