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Soft front on GS500F - FIXED

Discussion in 'Bling and Appearance' started by pmacleod, Jan 30, 2008.

  1. And it was well worth doing. My 18 month old GS500F was very soft in the front end, and when one of the fork seals started weeping I had to do something about it (no thanks to Action Parra, they told me it wasn't a problem and not to worry about it.) Anyway, off to TJ's for new seals, heavier oil and some custom-made spacers to preload the front (it's non-adjustable.) Custom made, because the tube isn't a standard size or something along those lines. Also bumped the preload up on the back a couple of notches.

    Long story short, VAST improvement. Before the front would crash through and bottom out really easily, giving me no confidence in corners and a floaty feeling at freeway speeds. Now it's good and tight, much nicer to lean through corners and better controlled (and comfortable) on the boring straight bits.

    So, if the front isn't adjustable on your bike you can still do some things to get a better result and suit your weight as a rider without having to go the whole hog and do springs. This is no doubt old news to most of you, but for newbies like me it's good to learn stuff like this.

    Thanks to Tex and the guys at TJ's, I have found my new workshop and can dodge Suzuki dealers with confidence now :grin:

  2. Awesome stuff :) I'm getting new springs and oil in the front on monday, hoping to have a similarly fantastic improvement.. But its going to be a given since its done 30k+ kms so it will be going from old oil thats lost its viscosity to new, heavier oil..

    Can't wait!
  3. Shame you couldn't get it done BEFORE the Oxley run, but then again there is always another good run around the corner :)
  4. How does the bike feel now ? I'd imagine you are smiling quite a lot :grin: