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Soft Front brake lever?

Discussion in 'Technical and Troubleshooting Torque' started by proxemic, Dec 24, 2009.

  1. Hi All

    Bit confused with the feel of my front brake...

    About a year ago i was whinging about the soft feel of the brakes, personally i like a hard short brake.

    Anyways it was too soft so i bled the system put new fluid in, pads and upgraded to HEL braided lines, after all of this it still felt soft.

    I went out and got a new lever and cranked it to position 3 and it was sweet as.

    Now about a year later i'm upto position 1 and it's soft as.

    Anyone know if this is like the cable stretching or something?

  2. Maybe bleed the system again? make sure all the connections are nice and tight and theres no way air can get in (this includes the resovoir cap)

    What method are you using to bleed it?

  3. Is that a Suzuki? If so , for some reason they do that when the pistons are down the bores a bit. Is your disc close to the wear limit?

    How worn are the pads?
  4. I am using the workshop manual method to bleed it.

    She is a suzuki, the pads are pretty new.

    Funny you say that though because last time i changed the pads i had to clean the crap out of the pistons as one of them was a bit stuck (i pushed the pistons all the way out 1st so no dust came back in and used bendix brake cleaner ;)

    Btw i have wave rotors, perhaps they have become a bit worn, will have to check thickness.

    So there's no possibility in your opinions it could be the cable?
  5. Unless you are riding a bicycle then there is no cable on your front brake - it is a purely hydraulic system.
  6. Not true, my motorcycle has a cable operated front disc...

    Anyway, it's pretty clear that proxemic is talking about the hydraulic lines.
  7. Really... wow!

    i stand corrected - i haven't seen any modern motorcycles with them before. What bike do you own?