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soft compound tyres

Discussion in 'Bling and Appearance' started by discocbr, Apr 28, 2008.

  1. was just wondering how people store their bikes with soft compound tyres?If you leave them sitting for a while (say 2 months) During winter will they develop flat spots?Just Wondering if its worth investing in stands.(sorry if
    this has been covered b4) Cheers.....

  2. i find if i flip mine upside down, so its resting on the seat and bars, (much like i do to my pushy when working on the gearing) then it keeps much better over winter.


    dude your bike is meant to be ridden! not stored. unless u have a decent excuse such as suspended licence :LOL: u have no justification for not riding it. your doing your bike will disrespect u for it :p
  3. just thought id add a slightly more useful comment :p

    but seriously, buy a stand or 2 anyway! makes working on the bike so much easier :grin: plus then u can use it for storing while running soft compound i spose.
  4. +1!!!!
    Bikes are like women .. they love getting wet
  5. what tyres,man?
  6. cheers thanks for the great idea me and the misses are gunna go flip her now why didnt i think of that!Now how do i stop the petrol leaking out?LOL
  7. One of my bikes shod with Pilot powers has sat for about 2 years without being ridden or even moved. Pumped up the tyres, taken it for a good hard thrashing & I can't tell any difference to a new set. Maybe if you went to the track & were chasing the last tenth of a second in lap times it might make a difference but certainly not noticable to my @rse dyno :LOL: :LOL:
  8. An excuse??? What about he just doesn't want to ride when it's wet. Or is this a dick swinging "I'm a hard ass who will ride in anything" type of comment so we all know you are the superior being? :roll:

    Not everyone is slave to their bike..........

    To some of us, the bike is just a toy to be played with when the weather is nice. Do you play with all your toys out in the rain?
  9. Tell you what. Thrash the crap out of it now and wear out the current covers. Store it on the baldies, then buy a new set in spring. Sorted :grin: .
  10. i'd suggest you strip the whole bike down to single parts and vacuum seal each part in plastic.that way when time comes for riding put it back together and everything will be hunky dory :wink:
  11. :LOL: at some of the suggestions.

    Ok, on a more serious tone, two months is not that long. You could do nothing and prolly have nothing to worry about... might need a new battery.

    Or for some peace of mind:
    • Take the bike for a good run, then when you return, turn off the fuel tap and let it idle with the fuel tap closed till it conks out.
    • Failing putting the bike up on stands, pump up the tyres.
    • Shove a dry rag into the muffler(s) while still hot to cork up the opening.
    • Put a trickle charge on the battery.

    You could certainly go even more nuts - there are plenty of American/North american forums with lots written about winter bike storage.
  12. your tires will be ok if they are left... they may develop little flat spots but once you ride it a couple of times, the rubber with warm and fix itself

    I know of a good every day tyre that you can use, michellin (not sure about the model, can find out if you need) they are soft on the edges for track/touring and hard in the middle for everyday so that they don't wear too fast. :)
  13. If you're worried about the tyres just move the bike every few days to ensure the it's not sitting on the same tyre patch for the 2 month. I've just tucked my bike away as it gets too dangerous to ride in the cold weather with black ice on the roads around here.
  14. Michelin Pilot Power 2CT are dual-compound and I believe the new Pilot roads are too
  15. some of us seemed to have had a bad day at work too.
    chillax dude.
    notice the slightly more serious comment, after the LIGHTHEARTED one :)