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Social Club in Eastern Suburbs NSW

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' started by JOR61E, Apr 3, 2013.

  1. Hi
    Im looking for a social club -to make a few friends that are fellow riders as i just moved to Sydney

  2. Welcome to Sydney and NR.

    Do we get any more hints?

    Like what kind of bike you ride?

    Are you hot?
  3. HAHA Hi Im gorgeous but im actually enquiring for my boyfriend - he moved from the coast - im a sydney girl - I ride a VTR250 and he has a CBR250 - we both learners in our 30s
  4. Ah, YOUNG folk!

    Sorry, I'm not too well acquainted with the young folks' clubs, being a geriatric myself.

    It would also help if there was vague mention of area, as Sydney covers quite a lot of ground.

    BTW, you have a nicer bike than your boyfriend. :)
  5. Go on some of the rides organised through here.
    Considering you are both learners maybe get down to the learners practice sessions as a start. Sometimes they have rides afterwards or Learners rides are organised by those who do the practice sessions.
  6. best you move to Melbourne we have hugs
  7. The Homebush Learners sessions on Saturdays would be your best start. Usually a solid group that shows up, great practice as it's set up like the MOST P's test.
    People either stand around talking, practice or mix up both.
    Pretty much always followed up by a decent group ride afterward.


    And agree with Cam. VTR over the CBR any day. (y)
  8. CC, the thread title gives a clue to where in Sydney - although you need a Visa to live there. :]
  9. Yeah...duh...oldtimers disease catching up on me.

    I once had reason to make a few trips across to Rose Bay, and I was really lucky, the Poverty Police didn't catch me and throw me out. ;)
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