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Socceroo's now ranked 16th in the world

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by waedwe, Jul 1, 2009.

  1. I know rankings can be weird and not sure i'd rank us 16th, but congratulations a mighty effort for a small soccer nation in the world game

  2. i still think they should hold a acedemy awards for football players, best actors in the world
  3. The Italians would win all the awards.

  4. We could get some league players awards to, my rabbitohs have been pretending to be a competent footy team for the last month or so :LOL:
  5. I've got nothing to say on that front - I'm a Roosters fan!

  6. Rather, since they won readmission into the NRL :p

    I'd also fancy Portugal in 17th place and Côte d'Ivoire in 18th place as better teams than Australia.
  7. Got to admit I'm pretty stoked to see the boys ranked so highly!

    Let's hope we don't get screwed at the World Cup like we did last time

  8. Fantastic effort,hopefully we can do as good next year.
    Like the piccie, funny.Bloody Italians.

    Love the game, 54 and still playing,well a little playing an a lot of drinking
  9. 16th is pretty optimistic, but good on them. The ELO based rankings put us at 32nd
  10. I dunno. most people would think them capable of making the world cup fairly comfortably. That makes them at least 32nd. they should be able to make a good shake at the play offs, so that's at least 16th and could have a fair shake at beating their opponents.

    so somewhere between 8th and 32nd and at the better end of that would seem about right.
  11. the chance of making the world cup isnt directly related to ranking, sure we are one of the stronger teams in the AFC but we've only really had a few decent teams to compete with in qualifying.

    Personally I feel the ELO rankings to be a better system.

    We rarely get to play against highly ranked teams.

    The last time we played against a top 25 team was a friendly against the Netherlands in 2008 where, at NED 1-0 AUS, their goalkeeper conceded a red card in the 46th minute just before half time with subsequent spot kick scored by kewell. for the rest of the game NED were a man down (their primary keeper at that), Kennedy scored in the 76th minute.

    before that, the next most recent games against teams in the top 25:
    2007: Denmark 3-1 Aus
    2007: Argentina 1-0 Aus

    and then before that the world cup where we lost to Italy, Brazil, and drew with Croatia.

    Basically, our current rating was achieved by beating lower ranked teams. Even Japan, who we consider to be a fairly even match, are currently ranked 40th.