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Soccer sickies?

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by removed-6, Jun 19, 2006.

  1. YES, watched MotoGP(ch10) and Soccer

  2. YES, woke up just for the soccer

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  3. NO, watched the MotoGP and Soccer

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  4. NO, watched the soccer only

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  5. No, watched MotoGP and hit the sack

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  6. What's a Socceroo?? Who cares about them?

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  1. Lets see who was a whimp and didn't go to work, but will likely go for a ride this arvo :grin:

    Me, I don't have to work :p

  2. been at work for almost 2 hours and I AM THE ONLY ONE HERE!
    Sucked in.
    Actually, its kinda nice here with the heater going and a cuppa and no one telling me what to do...
  3. Sat up for the MotoGP. I figured win or lose, they would replay the soccer but you only get one shot at watching the MotoGp .
  4. didnt go to work. hate going anyhows
  5. I stayed up and watched the start of the MotoGP, ........then I stayed up and watched the start of the MotoGP, ........then I stayed up and watched the start of the MotoGP. .......then I watched the last few survivors tour around Spain, ......then I went to bed.
  6. watched James Bond - Die another DAy (Hale Berry - Hot Mamma)
    inbetween the breaks was flicking to the footy show and the soccer. Actually had a interesting documentry on SBS as well. Watched the GP then watched the soccer.... now its starting to kick in, want to go home and sleep.
  7. Flicked between the GP and the japan/croatia game, watched the aussie brazil game, and started watching the french game, but decided that their is only so tired you can go to work, been here for damm hours now.
    You can easily tell those who stayed up though
  8. Me, I was at work. Got to watch both without having to worry about "sickies". Unfortunately, though, work actually interupted my viewing pleasure (of the MotoGP, at least - I know 'naff all about soccer).

    However, what has killed me today, was that we had "early openers" after work. A few beers and a barby (no, not a doll, something that you cook on). Getting home at 10am after being awake for nearly 20hrs after a few beers doesn't do you much good, I'm afraid...