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Sobil is a hunka hunka man meat

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by Flipper, Jul 23, 2005.


    deb, dont leave the puter logged on with a whole lot of pissed netriders :twisted: :twisted: :twisted: :twisted:

  2. Mmmmm........nuthin new here.......
    THANX MITCH........happy hangover to you :p
  3. I think this song was written for SOBIL....... :LOL:

    Artist: Butterfingers (www.butterfingers.info)
    Song: Yo Momma

    I see you in your office
    Sending and receiving checks
    But I know the quest for money
    Comes from a quest for sex
    So I cut to the chase
    And forgot about my job
    And decided to stay home wit yo mama on my knob

    I can see you laughing so I guess you think its funny
    But while your getting drunk, I've been getting honey
    And by tomorrow night youll be hungover and sick
    But I'll be at my home wit you mama on my dick

    Your mama's on the top of my things to do list
    Your mama's on the top of my things to do list
    Your mama's on the top of my things to do list
    Your mama's on the top of my things to do list

    Thinking your the man
    Well I am bringing news
    Our manhoods being measured by the women that we choose
    And you can't earn respect if all you ever pick is sluts
    So I'll be staying home to let yo mama suck my nuts


    Eat more fruit, Plant more trees
    Learn to shoot, travel over seas
    Wash the dog, read a book
    Find three chinese recipes to cook
    Learn to waltz, and speak maltese
    Ferment to invent a better feta cheese
    The highest they get is number two
    Coz number one on my list of things to do
    is yo maaaammmmaaaaa,
    yo maaaaammmmaaaa
    yo maaaammmaaa

    She's always on top
    She's always on top
    She's always on top
    She's always on top
    She's always on top
    She's always on top
    She's always on top
    She's always on top

    In my dream I was a cop and I stopped to arrest her
    Never met a whore more hardcore so I frisked her
    Steamed up the Beamer and needed the demister
    When she licked my colon cleaner than a clyster
    Got another blister from playing naked twister
    Raw on the floor with ya mama and ya sister
    Hadn't even kissed but she still let me fist her
    I let her drive home pissed and said
    Asta la vista Baby
  4. Naughty naughty..... [-X
  5. Spoken like a Momma........
  6. :butt: who's ya Daddy!!
  7. ... and this boys and girls is why i always prefer to password lock EVERYTHING.

    For the geek amongst us...
  8. Looks like a wild party went down....
  9. There were a few very average looking faces this morning.. :wink: :D
  10. There is still a very average looking Phanoongy still laying on the couch :shock: :LOL:
  11. So it sounds like you got yourself a babysitter for tonight!

    Down to the Stammo for some more toy boys! :p


  12. This is getting not very funny....guys.

    glibstick....(I can never pronouce your handle right)....
    :p......I think we need a volunteer like yourself that we can all hang shit on....

    I don't know whether sobil or who the implied "mamas" are very happy.

    Jokes are only funny when the people refered also find it funny, if they don't, it's not a joke anymore.

    Sorry to be a party pooper.
  13. Ummm, I think not, actually a few of us are having a lasagne and movie night :D
  14. American Pie is it.....??

  15. I think the reference is to me tho Joyce, it's all in good fun and Sobil and I haven't taken any offence to it :)
  16. Well Stifler and Stiflers Mom will be here but Finch has gone out with his 'girlfriend' :D
  17. Flip, I'm sure you would agreed, younger or older is just a number....

    I for one can say some young men have behave more of a man than an older man ever could.

    Mrs Sobil is also young....just for the record.
  18. Joyce you suggar momma you.... some one should Untame you! :LOL:

  19. Totally agreed, which is why Sobil and myself have taken no offence to the jokes that have been going on over the last few weeks ;)