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Sobering.....(learning the hard way)

Discussion in 'Multimedia' started by Chef, Sep 2, 2006.

  2. Ah object fixation!!!!!!!!!!!
  3. Owwwwwwww! :eek:

  4. Very lucky not to go right over the edge...poor bike :-(
  5. Ouch ........
  6. Yikes! :shock: That definately had to hurt :eek:
  7. His line was fcuking shocking. Where the hell did he think he was going? :shock:
  8. No one else saw the tail step out and the front end wobble?
    Admittedly he did get fixated on the wall which didnt help, just i'm pretty sure something else happened to cause it.

    Actually... i think this is a repost... or atleast the clip has been linked in another bike forum in the past.
  9. Yeah. I thought it was because he'd realised he wanted to go right fairly quickly. Second look at the vid let me notice left was possibility and actually where he probabley wanted to go (thus his line was fine). He may have hit a stone or something with the rear wheel? Target fixation would win my vote for hitting the wall but something else unsettled the rear wheel. Ming you, it could be the result of panicing about the speed in the corner and harshly rolling off the throttle.

    Either way, the end result is ordinary for bike and rider. :(
  10. Man, that had to hurt. Maybe he missed a gear and got a compression lockup? Either way, something went very wrong to make the back end step out like that.

    Damn is he lucky not to have flew over the edge to what maybe could have been a lllloooonnngggg drop down.
  11. err, there was no target fixation at all, the rear slipping out and correcting ment the bike goes 'straight' again, and add tank slapper to that - the bike went straight; he couldn't have leaned it if even if he wanted.
  12. Either way, it's a good advertisement for practising emergency stops.
  13. FARK I dont remember Qride teaching me how to hit brick walls, I got ripped off ... :( lol
  14. :shock:
    Major OUCH!!!
  15. OOOOwwwwwcccchhhh!![img:61:61:208c5937ed]http://users.telenet.be/eforum/emoticons4u/violent/sterb015.gif[/img:208c5937ed]

    The bike was hardly leaned over... nothing obvious caused the rear to step out...

    The rear will step out from time to time when you least expect it if leant over and traction is lost... more likely on a bigger powered bike, but at highway/city speeds you usually don't trip the bike up and you ride through the hiccup to live and ride another day...

    What surprised me the most was that the rider didn't even try to brake! The nose didn't dive...