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Soaking Chain puppy fur

Discussion in 'Maintenance and Servicing' started by FakeJimmyMorgan, Jun 28, 2015.

  1. H there,
    in the early stages of the GS500 de-shedding am wondering how to remove hair from a chain?

    We have a lovely Alaskan Malamut x Husky and her fur gets everywhere and on everything. Can I take it off and soak the chain in something (kero, 2 stroke etc) that will help remove the hair. Have scrubbed it with a toothbrush and WD40 to some effect but want a better solution if its out there.

    Secondary question... for someone with little mechanical skill (I can change oil, spark plugs and air filter) how hard is it to replace a chain if needed?

  2. Yes you can remove the chain and soak it in kero.

    Replacing a chain is not hard, you should inspect the sprockets to see if they need replacement as well. You may need a chain breaker and riveter.
  3. The service manual for the GS, states the swing arm must be removed to change the chain. A chain breaker would be the other option, but the new chain will have to be joined with a special rivet. Tricky job for the inexperienced among us.
  4. Chain breaker or that other specialised tool, the angle grinder.
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  5. Chop it and use a master link chain you'll be fine.
  6. Bring on the naysayers, but hair burns easy. A whiff of blow torch will zip them off
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  7. I have two Border Collies & they have an undercoat as well. Dang fur gets everywhere & yep coats chain & sprocket. My workshop is the carport – where the dogs live. Every 3rd or so chain lube I use an aerosol chain degreaser first which also removes the hair. I have to use a toothbrush to get rid of the more stubborn grease (it doesn’t get in Mrs Marsh!) but the hair is usually blasted off by the degreaser. Could be more of a problem if your pooches’ hair is getting wrapped around the rollers. I count it a successful lube if I finish without getting new hair stuck on.
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  8. Think this weekend I'll brave some kero and a paintbrush and really wet it down. If I've got plenty of clean rags I think I'll get a fair bit off.
  9. Kero and a brush and an air compressor, if you have one....
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  10. I can't see hair damaging a chain greatly. It shouldn't accentuate wear, and unless you have issues with the little "o ring " seals, it shouldn't get past them. Personally, I wouldn't care about it.

    Breaking a chain and refitting or replacing is reasonably easy but does require some special tools. I did it a little while ago. Pics here: Middo's weestrom projects | Page 2 | Netrider - Australia's Best Motorcycle Community
  11. It can be quite deblitating socially at N.R.Gatherings if someone notices your hairy sprocket or your have Fluffed Up Chain Kink Even Driven Under Power.

    - What about Wire-Haired Terriers?
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