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So your bike is jerky and has lost performance?

Discussion in 'Bling and Appearance' started by conspiracytheorist, Mar 20, 2007.

  1. My bike has been running a bit jerky, unresponsive, taking a while to revv.

    So I took it to Close Motorcycles in redfern yesterday telling him I needed new chain and sprockets and that I there was also the problems described above. To my amazement he thought that all of the problems could be caused simply by the chain, so do that first before looking at it properly. Well it needed doing anyway, and would help diagnosis easier so I just agreed and went back today expecting to be the same, but slightly less terrifying compared to the previous 'I'm going to wait till you least it expect it, then leap off chain'.

    BUT, after 50 metres of riding I couldn't believe how much smoother the bike was and how the power 4-6 was BACK. Because the bike had been taking a long time to revv, there was no 'pull', or torque or whatever you want to call it. Now, I was being pushed back in the seat again with fast accel! :tantrum: YES!!

    Bike sounds alot cleaner as well and I'm very happy to have the bike running properly again. I tell you having its fun and joy gone for a few weeks really makes you appreciate it when it comes back, totally worth it IMO :LOL: :LOL:
  2. All that from the chain?
  3. Apparently so! In trying to solve the problem I:
    - replaced sparks
    - cleaned and oiled air filter
    - new engine oil and filter
    - cleaned float bowls 3 times
    - cleaned rest of carbs once
    - tightened chain 10 times
    - ran 2 amounts of carb cleaner through tank
    - ran 1 cup of metho through tank to get water out
    - kicked the bike a few times
    - cleaned the bike a few times, hoping it was just feeling unloved

    But now that I've got new chain on it runs better than it was before. However I'm pretty sure the carbs need to be synced as dad likes to fiddle with things and turned the adjustment screw before I noticed what he was doing. Its not really bad, but enough to notice. Will attend to that sometime, but its still running alot better than I can remember it.
  4. Glad to hear its better now, always nice when these things are resolved..
  5. Glad to hear its better now, always nice when these things are resolved..
  6. moral of the story?.... get someone to do it for you
  7. Priceless mate, I know the feeling!
  8. So was the chain too tight or too loose? Or just needed replacement?

  9. :LOL: :LOL: :LOL: :LOL: i've done that on numerous occasions
  10. better than starting a new thread i'll revive this one...

    phizog... im experiencing similar probs with my honda spada and about to do a quick minor service to see if i can rectify my jerking and power loss issues. however, given your similar problem can i get more info on what exactly was adjusted/serviced to your chain? was it a total chain replacement, free play adjustment or just a good thorough cleaning?

  11. The extra sideways flex of a rooted chain makes the gearbox feel loose and sloppy, as opposed to clicking in solidly to each new gear. As there's odd spacing between the rollers it starts to hook up the teeth on your sprockets and root them too. Tight spots also cause the chain to add resistance to the drive train, robbing power. If it's getting shitty, replace it and the bike will feel fantastic.
  12. You've been monoing all 'round the 'burbs again haven't you? :roll: :LOL:

    Is it jerky when rolling on further, or just from roll off to roll on?

    If it's loose, you'll feel it kinda 'catching up' and slapping when changing gears, working the clutch or rollling on from off. Easy adjustment if there's room left. On the Spada, mine's looser than a politician's morals, but no tight spots and no noticable effect on powwaarrh, just the 'catch up' jerk.
  13. phizog, Im just a little confused on which bike your talking about these days mate??? was it the SV or the old clunker?

    In saying that, naughty for riding the SV! Dont you have a few months left on P's?
    Oh and congrats on finding the problem mate!
  14. you know how it is with these spadas... the front end just pops up too easily with all that power :LOL:

    primarily from off to on but even through the gears it just doesnt seem as responsive as it used to. i went to adjust the chain only to realise i dont have a big enough spanner for the rear axel nut. doh!

    however an oil change has made a mild difference. i'll endevour to keep the nose down till i get the chain adjusted :p
  15. Luke, this is quite an old thread about the zzr.
  16. My Little Bandit felt a million times better after sprockets and a new chain.

    No tight spots. Everything feels much more precise.
  17. I suspect it was worn with tight spots and lost most of it's lube. Stealing power from the drivetrain.
  18. Cosmo, if you still haven't found the right tools, Duke can help you out or I can bring them on Monday...it's worth it, just tightened mine up tonight and she's a more willing little biatch than ever. Pop goes the wheelie :cool: :LOL:
  19. Hi guys I'm my VTR250 feels pretty slugish taking off in 1st, certainly hasn't got the acceleration I was expecting and it only has 2000k's on the clock, do you think this is a chain related or rider related issue?

    Go easy I only just got my P's! ;)
  20. What is it like in the other gears? Does it get to 90 kmh quickly? If you wind it out through the gears you should easily see 50, 70 and 90 in first to third.

    What do you mean by "sluggish"?


    Trevor G

    PS It certainly would not be chain-related at that mileage. Is the chain a good, dark "oiled" colour rather than shiny on the rollers?