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So You wear kevlar Jeans ... what else?

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' started by VCM, Jul 10, 2008.

  1. Long-Johns

  2. Knee Protection

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  3. Nothing .. just underwear

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  4. Nothing at all

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  5. I don't wear Kevlar Jeans .. it's leather or armored textile

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  6. G-String ( Gals must also post pic )

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  1. Due to a couple of recent posts, and a few comments about wearing Long-Johns under your Draggins etc ( made by Paul ). I got to thinking perhaps It aint a bad idea to wear some additional protection along with the Draggins.
    What do the rest of you guys/gals wear under your kevlars ?
    and yeah I'm expecting items like g-strings & thongs to come up here in the replies :p

  2. I wear long johns for warmth, so only in winter. Two pairs if its really cold (which also makes for interesting viewing for when I try to get on the bike, cause its a little like when Kramer gets those jeans hehe).
  3. I wear some Alpinestars Reflex knee/shin guards, they make me feel a little more protected in terms of impact.

    They also seem to stop the wind which is handy.

  4. In winter, thermal long johns and Teknic jeans or leathers with knee armour. In summer, long 'cycle' shorts and Teknic jeans or leathers with knee armour.
  5. To date I've only been wearing Draggins with underwear, have always liked G-strings but I like wearing them backwards..............
    "do you really want a photo..??" :p

    Seriously, am looking at getting armoured textiles, particularly for weekend scratching where we 'up the ante' regards speed.
  6. Real men go commando!
  7. kevlars plus for me

    I wear knee protection under my draggins. Figure the impact will break the snappy bits like bones, hence the knee protection. The kevlar saves a bit of bark, adds a bit of burn, their are no free lunches when your sliding on your aarse :?

    Long Johns when it cold and if its really cold, waterproofs over the top. :wink: