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So you want some water hey ?

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by VTRBob, May 24, 2009.

  1. Like SE Queensland we have had our share of the rain as well, Coffs missed the damaging floods we got a month ago, prob as all our drainage has had a real work over by council the past few weeks after last months flood :)

    I'm out of town up in the mountains surrounding Coff's about 40ks out, and about 30k from Dorrigo as the crow flys but not quiet as high. Dorrigo is 150mtrs higher. :? :LOL:

    So weather wise when it comes to rain we get what they get :cry:

    So thats 912mm in 6 days not counting the heavy showers on and off today :shock:

    Did you Victorians say you want some ? :rofl:

  2. Why aren't we building a Nth-Sth pipeline up to Coffs instead of draining the Murray?
  3. Send it down, Bob
  4. We'll provide the buckets Bob, just let us know how many.

  5. Happy to take some..... that is a huge amount of rain, If only we could rotate the country 45*, or send up a few tanker roadtrains and capture some to freight back.
  6. Because theres nothing wrong with putting a hose in a shot glass to give more water to your in ground swimming pool.
  7. It would even need to go to Victoria... it would only have to go to the headwaters of the Darling river.