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So you think you've racked up the kilometres??

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by hornet, Jun 17, 2016.

  1. I've mentioned this bloke before, but since I've long lost the BIKE magazine that featured his VFR, I was tickled to find this ....

    "I was looking through some old bike mags recently and found this article in Bike May 2005. I find this sort of thing interesting as a motorcycle owner so thought I'd post some highlights.

    The fella in question is a courier called Stan, who was in his early 60's at the time of the article. His list of bikes is as follows, along with the mileage he put on to each:

    1983 Kawasaki GT550 - 15,000 miles
    1984 Kawasaki GT750 - 184,000 - "Worst bike I ever bought"
    1986 Yamaha FJ1100 - 30,000
    1987 Yamaha FJ1200 - 14,000 in 3 weeks - returned to the dealer due to excessive vibration
    1987 Yamaha FJ1200 - 90,000
    1988 Honda VFR750 FJ - 140,000
    1989 Honda VFR750 FK - 149,000 - knocked over at an airport, then traded in
    1990 Honda VFR750 FL - 852,000 - engine replaced at 440,000 after it blew its head gasket
    1996 Kawasaki ZZR1100 C3 - 252,000
    1997 Kawasaki ZZR1100 D1 - 60,000 - written off
    1998 Honda Blackbird - 410,000
    2001 Honda Blackbird - 205,000 - current bike at the time of the article

    Some mega mileages there, just goes to show those who worry about their bikes getting to 20 or 30k miles have only just scratched the surface.

    Some other info:
    • Oil and filter changed every week - using Honda oil filters but 10w40 car oil - the cheap stuff (that's what he used in the 852,000 mile VFR!!)
    • RK chains last far longer than any others - usually 80,000 miles
    • A Scottoiler is used to keep the chain 'saturated in oil' "
    Notice that these distances are MILES, not kilometres....
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  2. As I remember this bloke used to ride to London from Manchester, ride around all day delivering parcels, and then ride home to Manchester, so he could ride back the next day and do it all over again.....
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  3. Wow. That is epic! But weekly oil and filter change - fuggedabutit.
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  4. Hmm.... I had one of those, too, but I really liked it.

    Mine got to about 150,000 from new, but that was only kilometers, before I got rid of it.
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  5. Jeebers, that's over 3,800,000km.
    I guess his road craft must have been reasonable to survive that amount of time on 2 wheels.
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  6. To the moon and back 5 times I think...
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  7. Wow, he must have been good at holding his breath......
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  8. some amazing numbers there - Manchester to London is approx 208kms by road, each way!

    sure must have loved to ride. I wonder if he caged it also?
  9. Nearest I ever got to those kind of numbers was when I did a year contracting, commuting from Beecroft to Beresfield and back every day.

    In those days, the Freeway stopped at Freeman's Waterhole, work was going on to extend it, but I still covered 165 kms each way.

    At the time, I had the Kwaka GT750 and the Turbo 750, and used them alternative weeks.

    Towards the end of the contract, I had run up so many points on my licence, that, if I farted at the wrong time, I'd have lost my licence, so I started using the wife's car.:(
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  10. i brought a bike in march with 0 kms, it's got over 9000 on it so far.

    i'd day I'm doing alright
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  11. Did allot of km's commuting between Altona and Dandenong every day and know the feeling of fortnightly oil changes.
    I assume he was on a first name basis with the local tyre store?
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  12. Couriers knock up incredible miles, or Kays,
    I have done over 100,000 kays in six years that I have actually ridden my bikes, My first Bird I chucked it down the road at 75.000 kays ,
    My second Bird has 29,000 kays up on it so far, mine, 69,000 kays all up,
    Its broken my shoulder due to shit tyres that it came with, and broke my collar bone having fun, On good tyres, Hahahahaha
  13. Small correction;

    208 MILES each way, 335 Km, that's 670 Km round trip, every day!

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  14. That's pretty good mileage for a chain. Agreed with using a chain oiler to extend the life of a chain. Weekly oil change would be tedious.
  15. Good effort. He's a bit mad to commute that far just to get to his work every day though. Obsessed, maybe - no life.
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  16. Off topic, but I'm allowed that twice a year... if you were to untangle all the dna that's in all the cells of your body and join it into a single strand, it would reach to the sun and back... 400 times!
  17. Yup. Makes the human genome project a pretty impressive effort!
  18. For anyone shuddering about changing the oil and filter every week .... it's the mileage. If you do 6000miles a week, you change the oil and filter every week. Simple as that.
    Mind you ... holy SNAP that's some miles!
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  19. Break it down further - let's be generous (and make life easier) and say he averaged 60mph (lots of motorway), that's 100 hours of riding in a week, or 14.3 hrs daily if riding 7 days a week.

    This guy must have had his iron butt welded to the seat!

    And when did he sleep?
  20. I was doing a minimum of 150 Kays a day just driving to and from work, Thats 7 days a week, In a Truck, The kays rack up fast, So all the maintenance has to be done at very frequent intervals,
    Couriers would be doing their maintenance weekly, Filters, Oils Etc Etc, Brakes dont last long either,