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So you think you can straight line a roundabout?

Discussion in 'Your Near Misses - A Place to Vent' started by Ljiljan, Oct 5, 2011.

  1. disclaimer: I do this a lot - every chance I get really, no point slowing down if I don't have to.

    However, I do usually check to see if there is a car within a few lengths of me who may be adversely affected by something they don't expect.

    I will also normally check to make sure there isn't a car beside me.

    It seems some people struggle with managing even that much. Retard.
  2. If there is noone around - absolutely sure - then ill just take the cleanest piece of road.

    However Im very wary of others doing the exact same thing
  3. It is incredible, especially around these parts, how people just absolutely charge straight into roundabouts... Without even so much as a cursory glance. I do it all the time, but check both ways TWICE and always wipe off at least a little bit of speed! it's just down right rude. The law is actually give way to traffic already in the roundabout - not give way to people entering on the right. Common misconception.
  4. It's almost like a six sense. Something about their driving (and no they weren't being particularly knobjockeyish) led me to be expecting it so it wasn't a surprise when they did.

    There is one particular intersection or roundabout that I will often cut in on even when there is a car inside me - but for the life of me I can't remember where it is - though I do know the standard line is considerably shallower than what is painted.
  5. There are two local ones that I like hitting at 80 or up, just because.

    Which is pretty much the same thing. Not to many cars come at you from the left.
  6. There are 2 up near the Jewish school on Arterial Rd near Mona vale Rd that up till recently I would bomb through.I would give them a good look and do the Norri Harga.A couple of months back just as I went in something caught my eye at the last second,out of the smaller side road comes a Land cruiser without a glance,I manage to stop half across the entry,any closer and he would have barrelled over me.Did the death stare at the next light and he defiantly got the message.What with the friendly chat with Mr Plod,something about pushing on a touch and zig zagging through traffic a bit aggressively and this I have pulled my head in some on this Rd.
  7. Why straight, arn't we suppose to like twisites.... :p
  8. Not in this case, roundabouts are like communal latrines where every engine can fling of oil from the centrifugal force. More than most corners.
  9. Straightlining roundabouts is literally a stupid thing to do.

    It's a gauranteed conflict if your head check is flawed.

    It means a possible conflict if you failed to notice the car/vehicle already in the roundabout about to conflict with your path.

    It means you don't slow down so other traffic approaching the roundabout or in the roundabout have less time to register your presence.

    You get used to doing it, so it's the norm and you just do it without thinking and when you have an off day any of the above becomes more likely. (<--- see OP)

    Other road users start adopting the technique and now the risk of a conflict increases.

    It's not a curve that you can normally do at the street speed because you're poorly set up at entry.

    If you can't see your exit at the entry, then you can't know for sure what's on the other side... broken down car? Cyclist?

    And least of all, you're making arguably unlawful lane changes through the roundabout which you can get pinged on.

    But it's your call.
  10. Vic roundabouts have a larger radius than NSW equivalents?

    That's why you indicate ;)
  11. I like to jump those small gutterless ones
  12. True, but my point is that really it's whoever is there first that should be given way to (by law) but in reality it doesn't work... especially not in the suv-laden north shore. Or anywhere else for that matter.
  13. I must be from another world. Giving way to traffic already in the roundabout? not in Canberra. There's always some c**t ready to take off when I'm 3/4 around (right hand turn). I rarely straight line them, more fun to work on scraping boots or giving the evil eye to the fwit p plater who reckons they can take off as fast as a bike.
  14. This is correct, you give way to anyone who's in or has entered the roundabout...
    So many believe you give way to the right as well which is not the case.
    Many, if they see someone about to enter the roundabout from their left tend to go straight through and think they have right of way..
    Most of us when approaching a roundabout at the same time as others usually let the vehicle on the right proceed which although not law, is the safest thing to do...
  15. I agree with this point in particular, since usually straightlining means you enter in the left lane, and cross into the right - which is the harder side to head check on as well.

    I like to look fully over my left shoulder if possible (involving quickly taking my left hand off so that I can properly look backwards - I find it risky to gauge the speed of cars approaching with the mirrors alone), which is something that is more of a hassle if you have to take your hand off the throttle (and away from the brakes!)

  16. What on earth are you talking about?
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    Think you need to see a chiropractor mate...

  18. I got a couple of really high speed roundabouts near me. Been abusing them since I was first able to drive. Sometime I straigh line, but now I am finding that I can do the same speed and stay in my lane, and I seem to enjoy it more. I would notch it up a little, but now I am to paranoid about losing my licence, down a few points now and only one fine is from the bike.
  19. When I head check to the left I like to look fully over my left shoulder so that I'm looking behind me as well, not just into my blind spot. Mirrors distort depth perception making it harder to judge the approaching speed of cars.
    Commonwhores love chasing down bikes.
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    I think what lilley meant - and me too, is how is one side harder to check then the other?
    *scratches head*
    Judging by what you say there, you are just lazy about head checks on the right side?