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So, you think YOU can drive ???

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by Nickers330, Mar 1, 2011.

  1. For all you 9-5'ers, bored at work, trying to 'kill some time' or those wanting to simply share in a feeling of utter amazement, hopefully the next 7min 42sec will liven up your day..just as it did to mine, ~10min ago !!!


    Now, THIS is driving !
    Enjoy :)
  2. Now that dude can drive. That is some impressive stuff.
  3. The car belongs to Hoonigan? :LOL:
  4. sigh ... who do you have to blow to get a job like that?

    Not only does he get to play with some of the coolest toys in the world, but he gets to take them to some of the coolest playgrounds in the world, and play with them like he stole them, and instead of being put in stocks and flogged, he gets paid real money to do it. I'll bet he has to beat off hordes of hot and cold running blondes with a stick as well.
  5. I'd also like to know what I'd have to do to get a job like that. Instead I sit in front of a computer all day managing and administering and large computer network... boring! :(
  6. I especially love when he's drifting in circles around the guy or cones etc.
    I can imagine how intense his training would have been to surpass any distractions unfolding before him...one which comes to mind would be a mass female orgy.
    Takes something special to acquire skills and focus of that calibre :)
  7. How many takes do you think they did to not knock a cone over? :p

    How does it work with the gear change thing at the wheel? Does that replace the need for an actual clutch lever/pedal to change gears? ie. it's all automated to save time? Or is he moving his foot as well?
  8. This guys unreal.
    He's been on top gear a couple of times too and never fails to impress...

    Notice the big digital gear indicator on the centre dash....
  9. Insert golf clap here

    LOVE the fact that the didn't edit out all the errors
  10. Sequential Gearbox, you only use the clutch when the car is standing still, The electronics do the rest, blip the throttle on Down shifts, cut the throttle on upshifts. The electronics can change the gears faster than you or I ever could.
  11. too bad he cant actually race for shit

    just like when i used to race bikes, there were the wankers who could do neat tricks, yet finnished last when the hammer dropped
  12. Thanks.
  13. Nickers, i would like you to use the search function next time :D
  14. You serious mate ??? I did but didn't find this vid....but if it's already been posted previously, well then...bugger me ! :D
  15. excellent stuff. i think ive seen some of his other stuff, and one of my work colleagues was telling me about this one just yesterday..
  16. Meh ... he isn't setting the world on fire in the WRC. He has a heap of vids with him in his wrex.
    Just Utube Ken Block
  17. This is driving. The drift at 30 seconds is particularly epic.

    as is this

  18. excellent use of sarcasm.