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so you think you can dance?

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by carri27, Nov 8, 2007.

  1. danny

  2. neil

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  3. lacey

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  4. sabra

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  1. i've been so excited all day that i've been almost jumping out of my skin. finals tonight!!!! it's been the most absolutely spectacular show to watch every week and i'm so completely thrilled that 3 of my faves have made it to the finals (i wasn't so keen on lacey earlier in the show but she's grown on me). i haven't looked up the results on-line. my head says danny, my heart says sabra. anyone else been watching? what's your guess?

  2. fcuk it's a horrible show. I've been hating any time I've had work on Thursday nights and had to watch that crap.
  3. Oh yea, i can dance alright :grin: ... Ever wonder how a party goes off?? :wink:
  4. Less men, more women please!
  5. I want to play that cow's squawking voice back at herself at 500dB until her nose bleeds.

    I am sorry. That is harsh. However, she deserves it. Absolutely.
  6. I dont follow that show, but i respect the performers for the amount of skill involved in what they do. I dont think of it as a crap show, its a good way for them to get their talent across the country and also show what the human body is capable of.

    Australian Idol on the other hand....now thats a crap show. Sure some of them can sing, but their stage performances are pathetic, and most of em only ever release one song and thats it. Who the fcuk made Guy "Sod demise me" Australian Idol? Shannon Noll should of won it, and you can see why he should of won it, hes freaking more popular than him now! Most idols can only get charity gigs, you call that a musical/rock/singing career? no...


    So you think you can dance is a good show....congratz to whoever wins it, they all deserve credit!
  7. What he said.

    Times 10.
  8. I hope they find an Aussie version of this guy, I could watch him all day long:

  9. :rofl:

    nice move!
  10. Incidentally, for anyone who's watching Aussie Idol out there, Natalie Gauci is an old buddy of mine, and she's now in the top three contestants, which is awesome... It's pretty huge stuff for her, and she's kicking some major butt - so if you're the voting type, give her a hand along!


    /although once she gets the arse I can stop watching this shit... So it's good either way!
  11. :shock: RE: Face plant boy. Thats gotta hurt. :LOL:

  12. . . . . was that dude wearing a kippah ?

    I guess Eric Cartman was right !
  13. Kat Deeley ! \:D/
  14. Was being the operative word :LOL:
  15. he's a Squid.
    There is no way that his kippah was adequate protective equipment for that move.
    damn squids eh?
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    Yeah that one's good...but ooh boy, I hope RKmixnC9yfY[/media]]this guy flies out here to audition! :rofl:
  18. I was always a big fan of this guy. His site used to be much better, but still.
  19. well that was bloody disappointing - i thought we'd get the final vote last night but gotta wait another week goddamit. also felt a bit disappointed for sabra - hip hop didn't quite hit the mark and while i quite liked the fox number it clearly didn't impress the judges. fingers crossed that people vote on the season not the night. christ, what a lot of routines to learn in a week. in my ol' dance days it took us weeks to learn a single routine :LOL: mind you, we only practiced a coupla hours a week not 16 hours a day!!! :shock: