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So you look outside your office window and see ????

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by Mickyb V9, Oct 13, 2008.

  1. . . . Whincup, Lowndes and the 888 Vodafone Falcon ! :LOL:


    If i wasn't so busy, i'd be down there taking Groupie photos to rival Vic's Giancarlo Fisi . . . (however its spelt) groping photos ! :LOL:
  2. I look out of my 19th floor window across Queen Vic Market and the western suburbs.
  3. I look out onto a netball court. :LOL: :cool: No one there today. :cry:
  4. Nuttin :? my workbench is cordened off by two concrete walls and more workbench's full of test equipement and machines that go ping
  5. Some shrubbery, a shed and a helipad.
  6. where do u work, atropos?
    i want a helipad :(
    i look outside, and see trees, and my backyard :LOL:

    im at home, no job :cool:
  7. Trees. Lots of trees. I work in a town in the middle of a pine plantation.
  8. Is it your finest piece of equipment?
  9. No V8 supercars, alas. Lots of green trees and the lovely rose sandstone of the main UQ library, though. And lots of cute female students dressed for Brisbane...
  10. A brick wall about two feet from the window.

    Great stuff.
  11. How much time do you have, to go through googles street view?
  12. ...blue sky :grin:

    and rooftops :(
  13. .. the eternally-green hues of the Southern Highlands of NSW :).
  14. ding ding ding

    We have a winner!
  15. me too! sometimes...
  16. Postie bikes racing each other to go wherever it is that they go to and from! :LOL: (I lerned gooda inglish and grama at skuul)
  17. My window changes from day to day depending on where I am working
  18. water............ lots and lots of water... and seals sleeping... waves, more water... little more water, then a shit load more water... few whales... more water... another wave... more water, and some water in the corner... 2 favco cranes, a shite load of pipes, and more water... some shipping containers and more water... lots of water... heap of rust... more water... 12 oil rigs in the distance... oh how depressing... more water...
  19. a brick wall. :(