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So you like your Jap bike eh ?

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' at netrider.net.au started by VCM, Jul 2, 2009.

  1. I've always had the opinion that the chances of purchasing a reliable vehicle or motorcycle improves greatly if one sticks to mainstream manufacturers who produce quality tried & proven products.

    Imagine my :shock: when I came across an 07 GPX250 yesterday, which after checking the compliance plate discovered it was made in TAWAIN !
    Also heard that some kawas are made in korea ...
    I'm not sure I'd be too happy handing over my hard-earned cash to purchase something I thought was manufactured in Japan.
    Is this the norm these days?
  2. most kwakas are made in thailand (the largest users of bikes) as was my 250 and is my er6..
    its a long drawn debate as to the location of manufacturing. usually its the same tooling and there is no differance other than the fact that the people in Koreo / China / Thailand work their asses off as they are happy to have a job.
    last place i worked for moved a plant from melbourne to china. the difference in the product = 0 but we got it made quicker.
    IMO its the product not the place
  3. Makes sense I guess, as long as the tooling and components are the same.
    Just a little shocked, I assumed most 'Jap' bikes were made in Japan etc
  4. Not just bikes but cars. The Japanese had to do it to compete with the Koreans.

    I don't believe the quality of cars has increased in the past 10-15 years. In the 10 years prior to that quality of vehicles come a long way.

    many people argue it doesn't make a difference, but it is difficult to instill quality into a culture where is isn't present. The Japanese have it over everyone when it comes to natural tendency for quality, but not all Asian countries are the same. Some countries will adapt fairly easily to western expectations of quality. Others won't.

    My company gets fabrication done all over Asia and with a bit of guidance it is possible to get decent quality steelwork out of Thailand or Malaysia and Korea for example.

    Indonesia is harder work and China is an impossibility.

    The Japanese will be striking similar problems with the car industry.

    You can have all the procedures and paperwork in the world, but if quality is not part of a culture, then you will struggle to produce quality goods.
  5. but if you saw 'made in USA' you'd run for your life
  6. Until recently some Japanese bikes were made in the US. The goldwing and some cruises off the top of my head. The Americans struggle with quality too.

    I like to think Australia falls somewhere between the US and Japan, but sometime I wonder.
  7. true. although i though the GW was only finished there.
    and yeah as for Aus sometimes you do have to question what is going on.
  8. This is a very interesting thread. For what its worth my wife has a newish Honda Accord VTI that was built in Thailand. I've owned quite a few jap built few cars over the years and in my opinion the thai built product is pretty good compared to jap built product.

    If was looking for bike and saw it had been manufactured in Thailand I'd have a closer look at it but wouldnt necscarily be put off by it. I have a bigger issue with Thai workers being paid poorly to increase manufacturers margins and if the retail price of the product didnt reflect the manufactures lower wage costs.
  9. I would have thought that the location in which something was built had no impact on a product, as long as the quality control set externally by the manufacturer is up to scratch.
  10. Have to disagree, in terms of quality I'd probably prefer my bike made in germany than.. well, lets say jamaica :grin:
  11. I disagree. Overall, I'd put the Germans ahead of everyone else. For example, would you prefer a BMW made in Germany by workers who have been there for years and have pride in their work or made in South Africa where they haven't been doing it for as long even if they still have pride in their work? I think Phizog may agree with me.

    If I couldn't get/afford a German made bike/car then Jap made is my next option (as it was for my car. As for the bike, don't go there. It works fine for now but wasn't my first, second, third or fourth choice).

  12. my golf is one of the last 'full german' jobs and there isnt much between it and the spic ones.
  13. I thought everything was outsourced these days anyway? Triumph to Thailand - is it BMW that manufactures in South Africa now?

    I'm surprised that you're surprised?
  14. I'm suprised that you're suprised that he's suprised.*

    *actually I'm not, I just wanted to post that. I'll go away now.
  15. I should outsource my forum posts
  16. im sure we could find some spanish kids who'll do it for a few $ a week
  17. Even if the actual bike is assembled in Japan or Germany etc. On my Italian made bike I have the exact same switchs for lights etc that were on my GS500. Surely many of the components on any bikes are sourced from around the world.

    But I would still think the Japanese and Germans produce better quality than other countries.
  18. IIRC the BMW F650 Xcountry is assembled in China and uses a Chinese clone of the Rotax engine. RoadRider is doing a long-term test on one.

    I think Mad Ass is a German brand (Sachs) built in China too isn't it?

    I'd be happy to own either bike...both a lot of fun :grin:
  19. I put Italians in last place. They're not even consistently bad, just sporadically horrible.
  20. Quote of the year. :grin: