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So you go to work on Monday...

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by Chef, Sep 2, 2011.

  1. ...and you're called into a meeting with your management. They sit you down with a contract and explain to you that in their opinion and under their work place agreement they define motorcycling as a 'dangerous activity' and you are NOT to engage in any dangerous activities outside of work hours. You have to re-sign a contract under the agreement that you will give up riding.

    They have invested financial interests in you staying fit and healthy so therefore demand that you do NOT ride motorcycles in your spare time, as that could impact their business and your role of which you signed up for initially. If you do not sign it you will lose your job.

    Don't laugh, don't be blasé, sit and think about what if it happened to you.
    Because it's just happened to someone I know.

    How would you feel?
    What would you do?
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  2. It happens more often than you think. I believe the original members of Hi5 had to sign something similar including skydiving and no tattoos.

    I personally (depending on the job) would be looking for a new job.
  3. Yup, as I learnt today, the problem is actually common...go figure
  4. Take the contract, cross out that clause, sign it and send it back and see what happens.
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  5. i would tell them to get ****ed and pack my shit and go.

    its usually ****heads like them that are causing the problems for motorcyclists on the road anyway...
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  6. Wow that's a great discussion piece, especially today. I was asked by a senior manager within my global company ( he knows I ride bikes and on the track) he asked me if in 6 weeks time when he has an international visitor return to conduct more work for us whether I would be interested in taking him to Phillip Island for a ride day. Apparently this German businessman is a mad bike rider/fanatic and wants to ride Phillip Island next time he is in Aus.

    For the next 6 weeks I just need to convince my work to pay for my day!!!! Hopefully I won't have to sign a risk assessment on the PI ride days!!!!
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  7. Take a copy and ring my lawyer. I would refuse to sign on the spot.

    Alternatively, call another meeting and take the lawyer with me. I am of the understanding that it is permissable in workplace law to have someone assist with negotiating a workplace agreement contract.
  8. Well here's the thing 665, I know you would (y)
  9. The state of New South Wales has seen fit to license me as a rider, thereby accepting that my skills are such that I am capable of using the road system.
    This is as any rider or driver is licensed.
    Should you pursue your attempt to restrict my freedom as a lawful citizen of NSW further, I will bring great wrath and furious vengeance upon you.
    Good day sir.
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  10. I'd try to walk out with the contract claiming that I need to think about it; then go to a lawyer to get them to pay for a brand new bike for me :)
  11. Sign it and continue riding anyway.

    Fuck 'em.
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  12. Good idea, but it's not a clause it's a verbal understanding.

    ....and before anybody thinks to argue technicalities be aware of this, the actual written contract is written in such a way that if the verbal contract isn't fulfilled to the employers satisfaction the contract can be immediately terminated. So don't try and rewrite the rules, to save argument just play the game.

    Your boss says.....

    You say....?

    ....are you prepared to lose your job to motorcycling?
  13. what i do outside my paid work hours is my business. i'm not breaking any laws, screw you and your contract. rewrite it or find another monkey
  14. Elaborate.
  15. The altruistic answer is "Hell Yeah!"
    The realistic answer is "Hell Yeah! But I'll fight the bastards right up to the point where I smoke outta there".
    You will know the day it happens to me since it will be on the evening news: I know my bike fits in the goods lift ;)
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  16. What if you were told to stop smoking, being muslim, gay, a member of netrider, labour supporter, <insert whatever you value or believe in here> ???

    Would you walk away?
    What value do you place on riding?
    Is it equivalent to the same value placed on you not riding?
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  17. Well then it is worthless, you take the politician's defence:

    "That was not my recollection of events"
    "Not to my understanding"
    "I cannot recall any such agreement"

    Of course that requires being non committal in the meeting:

    "That's is an interesting interpretation"
    "The legality of that is uncertain under the Fair work act"
    "I would be interested in a Silk's opinion on that"
  18. Same thing, as being discussed but the rep has been asked NOT to ride his pushbike(ex racer) and rep for bike company as its considered "dangerous and is likely to result in loss of profits through injury)

    He has signed
  19. You mean after I stop laughing at him/her?
  20. Surely what you do in your spare time, barring the possibility of it being totally illegal, is none of their concern, nor would I think they have a legal right to have that sort of clause in a work contract.

    Pretty sure Australian workplace laws would shoot this sort of thing down in flames pretty quickly, if it didn't & for some reason they could enforce it, I would sign & immediately get my resume up to date & start looking, when I leave I would be quick to point out it was only due to the stupid contract clause I was forced to sign..

    Seriously though, any business doing this has got way ahead of itself, to even think anyone they try to push this shit on wouldn't find a way to leave quick smart is mind boggingly stupid, in effort to keep someone in a job they would only end up making them leave..