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So you cant justify buying a $500 helmet

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' started by syd rs125, Feb 27, 2008.

  1. That's good planning; buying a new helmet so he could have an accident 2 weeks later.

    {just a good excuse to brag about crashing at 140 mph :roll:}
  2. Surely it's better to crash wearing a brand new helmet than a worn-out one though.
  3. I WAS being a bit cynical, naughty I know. I would think that surviving a crash at 140 mph, if indeed that IS what happened, might be more a matter of luck than protection..... Hitting a post square on in ANY helmet at 140mph would be fatal I would think.
  4. Yea i think luck had alot to do with it but that helmet still had a massive dint in it.
    Would have needed alot of panadol to fix that headache.
  5. We need him to do it again and again with sub $200 helmets under the same conditions to see whether it was the helmet or just dumb luck.
  6. I'd still rather not crash at 140mph (or any other speed for that matter), let alone use my head to remove speed signs... But to each its own!!! :p
  7. What gets me is this part:

    "I was a paramedic for six years and attended too many crashed motorcyclists and had seen first hand the difference a quality helmet can make in the after accident outcome."

    If he was a paramedic why would he be so careless and do 140mph on a public rd..? you think he might of learned a thing or two from the people he picked up :?
  8. Working in a particular field doesnt make you ammune from acts of stupidity.... :LOL: Just cause you see that shit happen doesnt mean you automatically relate it back to yourself, otherwise i would never throw a leg over a bike considering it isnt hard to die at 50km/h....

    He was one lucky boy thats for sure :!:
  9. Thats Arai marketing.

    Who is to say a $200 helmet won't offer the same protection?

    Just because a product is more expensive does not mean it is a better product. What happens if KBC decided to sell its helmets tomorrow at $1000+. Does that mean they are safer because they are more expensive than others?
  10. I kinda doubt KBC are going to start making their helmets by hand and xraying them etc as Arai does or giving them a 5 year warranty.

    Maybe if they did the price would reflect this.

    You should have a good look around the whole site, there's some interesting stuff on there :)

    It's hard to tell with the damage, but the helmet pictured I suspect is the rx7 model, they're $1150AU :)
  11. It doesn't work like that though. For example, I am always amazed how many doctors and nurses still smoke, despite having attended to a number of lung cancer and emphysema cases.

    As for helmets, I always say the place to look for helmet (and most gear for that matter) is in the middle of price range. At the bottom end you get the really nasty stuff, and at the top you get to pay extra hundreds of bucks for that sticker or paint job. But between the extremes, with a bit of luck you can find decent quality and minimum bullshit.

    In any case, personally I am absolutely guaranteed not to crash at 140mph. My CB250 takes care of that :) And what I'm trying to say here is that while you can never be sure, not acting like an idiot is likely to do more for your safety than spending extra 500 bucks on a helmet.
    And it doesn't cost one cent.
  12. +1

    Getting the best helmet you can afford is great, but not acting like an idiot is even better.
  13. Considering helmets have to meet design certain design rules both here and O/S I am very skeptical about the safety factor involved between 'cheap' and heavy helmets. I have always been skeptical about the whole. "well if you have a $100 head, get a $100 helmet"

    I once asked a bike shop owner about different helmets and his comments were along the lines of. "well the more expensive helmets are lighter, made of more expensive yet lighter materials, have removable parts for cleaning, have better fit and finish for noise reduction and such and in many cases more aerodynamic, have more functionality and are quietier. Plus some brands such as Shoei have more sizes and x-ray helmets etc" So in effect he was saying that a cheaper helmet will protect you, it must by law but you don't get all the other stuff which to many make a difference.

    I guess the biggest thing I noticed between cheap and expensive helmets was the weight...................
    I have no doubt a $100 MDC helmet will offer protection if you slide on your bike and hit your head. Anything else and it is just dumb luck if you survive.


  14. Considering that HJC is one of the highest selling brands, they must do what they were designed for. If they didn't protect, they wouldn't sell. I personally can't justify spending more than $500-600 when I have a family to care for. I always buy from the $400 - $600 range as I feel they have better qualities than the cheap helmets but wont wipe out my meager savings.

    Maybe if I had the cash to waste I would get a Vermeulen X11. Love the looks of those lids and would be showing my support for Chris and Suzuki.Anyone feeling generous. :grin: No, it was worth a try. :LOL:
  15. The Australian Standards nominate a certain set of criteria the helmet must comply with to be able to be sold (and worn) in Australia. That's not to say that simply because all helmets meet this criteria that they're all the same - you can certainly exceed those parameters, and the better helmets do that.
    Not only, but they are usually lighter and offer better visibility, both of which are safety aspects IMO. As is the noise levels, although not to the same extent I guess. Then there are other features as other have mentioned, like removable pads etc

    There is also fashion and the nice bit about wearing a 'top' helmet; we discount this aspect in discussions as 'vanity', yet we all want to have a flash bike - or one that we like at least - so I do not dismiss this, we are social creatures after all :roll:

    Some people are cheapskates and want to justify buying a $ 100 helmet, good luck to them. Some simply cannot afford more, and that's fair enough, at least all helmets meet a minimum safety level.
    But an expensive helmet will generally give you the best safety, the most comfort and it will look good to boot. What's wrong with that?
  16. Don't think anyone said there was.......


  17. It's a way of speaking, not to be taken literally.

    Anyhow for what it's worth cb250goespop did say "and at the top you get to pay extra hundreds of bucks for that sticker or paint job", but I am certainly not having a go at cb, simply expressing a different view.

    And plenty of riders out there have the view that buying the more expensive helmets are a waste of money ...
  18. In my case I have to shop with my head, not my heart. As I have to budget my income so all the bills are covered I simply can't afford to buy top of the line helmets. Would love it if I could. I dream about the day I can afford an X11 (seriously). :oops: All I was getting at is IMO for most riders the $400-700 range is affordable but well equiped. If you can afford more, good for you. If you can't afford that much, you do the best you can. My income just doesn't justify spending more and I'm sure there are others who are the same.
  19. I guess I just have issue with the fact that there seems to be a general conception that more expensive helmets are safer or better in protecting you. I agree all the extra money spent on materials, visions, fit and form, aerodynamics etc contribute to the safety of the rider in 'preventing' them from actually falling off but a $100 helmet still has to meet safety requirements. So in effect should protect your scon when you actually fall off the bike aswell as the more expensive helmets.