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So why do you ride?

Discussion in 'Multimedia' at netrider.net.au started by zenali, Jul 20, 2010.

  1. A good video called Welcome To The Ride that shows many faces of motorcycling. I actually think this kind of thing would be a good way to boost the image of motorcyclists over here.

  2. Not bad.

    If you're after boosting image though I think a movie more along the lines of On Any Sunday might be the key. I can watch that movie now and it still gives me the 'vibe'.
  3. you got a youtube video of it?

    i don't like downloading stuff like that
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    Here you go - [URL="]youtube link to Welcome To The Ride[/URL]

    The quality isn't as good, but you get the idea.
  5. you beat me to it.

    can watch On Any Sunday over and over again without getting bored of it :)

  6. riding is my escape from real life for a while, its my drug of choice!
  7. Great clip, makes me happy to be part of the riding fraternity. Why do I ride? Just because I likes it. (lots)
  8. In the 70s as a student it was all I could afford RD100 (I think) and I had to.
    In Y2K as a trainer, better economical position 1000 GTR, and I was allowed to.

    It is a way to get all the shit out of your head because you cant ride and be "miles away".
  9. Why i ride?
    I have been riding since i was 3 and now it comes more natural than anything! except maybe breathing... that is a handy thing..
  10. My work places me under regular stress of high demands and challenges. When I ride, I can enjoy different types of challenges, enjoy the feeling of freedom and experience ass-clenching speeds closer/lower to the ground.
    The feeling of leaning a bike over is graceful, rewarding and satisfying to be doing all these things, with little or no pressure or mass lives to be concerned of.
    Heck, a motorbike's instrument panel/seating area is also referred to as a 'cockpit' - I feel right at home !
  11. I ride because otherwise what would I do with these frickin' motorbikes?