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So why do we speed?

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by Chef, Mar 24, 2012.

  1. Here's a question that's well worth our time knowing the answer to, I know why I do it so I'll share my thoughts later. The senior riders will know why they do it so I'll politely ask them to sit the question out for awhile. And I'm not talking about the hectic mach2 kitten destroying hell runs we sometimes witness but would never do kind of speeding that common stereotypes paints us as, I'm talking more specifically about riding at 5-10k's over the surrounding traffic's speed even if that means adding GST to the speed limit.

    Why do we do it? Or why do you think we do it? Do you do it? Is it dangerous?


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  2. Depends on the traffic, I'll either speed to get around and away, plus maintaining visibility whilst going against the general flow of traffic... or sometimes I'll hang back and let the car drivers stick in their little pack ahead of me so if they decide to wipe each other out by changing lanes without looking then so be it. I won't be anywhere near them. So all in all it depends on time of day, where I am, where I'm heading and how soon I need to be there.
    Oh to specifically answer the question, no I don't think it's dangerous and sometime I do it because I can :D
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  3. Can of worms really this topic. But I can't resist commenting on it. It gives people like hornet the chance to throw shit at people like me when we talk about minor speeding offences.

    So let me have a crack at this.

    I mostly speed because the speed limit on the roads sometimes happens to be much lower than natural comfort levels. This kind of speeding is mostly adding GST to the speed limits. Nothing too outrageous. I dont do more than 25 kmph an hour speed limit usually.

    I also speed momentarily to get out of trouble. Avoid car congestion, to get past a monster trucks etc.

    Thats about it for me really.

    Why do you ask chef?
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  4. So I can sleep in later & still get to work on time. Oh, & I like the feeling of superiority it gives me.


    Not my real answer of course, waiting for others thoughts.
  5. I have found riding faster than the rest of traffic makes them notice you...well most of the time. People don't tend to look out for the ordinary, they look out for something different.

    In the car, I drive the limit...but on the bike, the more "erratic" riding I do, the more drivers tend to notice I am there. Obviously not riding it like I stole it amongst cars, but some erratic behaviour, such as slaloms in your lane, will allow surrounding cars to notice you...also keeps tailgaters away from you as well.
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  6. Yes well, he'll be wringing his hands when he sees this thread then.
    I should probably throw in an extra question I guess....

    Put your hand up if you do not or will not pass the speed limit on purpose at all, ever.

    Great question. We have to wait for that to reveal itself unfortunately.
  7. Bending the speed limit in traffic is a survival mechanism, I want to be in front of all these idiots, If someone wants to go past me, I let them, its not a race to "win" its a decision to be in a safe place on the road.
    Most of the time I figured the fines were for not paying attention rather than speeding.

    For the mach2 - For the first couple of years as a youngun, It was the adrenaline rush from doing stupid speeds in reasonable places. Not stupid places.
    Then it went to 'lets see how fast this bike goes'. (adrenaline rush).
    then its the endurance thing, 'how long will it take me to get from say, Darwin to melbourne' (2.5 days)
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  8. To be a static object in traffic is generally a bad thing. Get through, find my space and keep clear. I will ride like an aggressive arsehole, but never put anyone in danger because regardless of what happens I come off second best.
    Also, every day is race day.
  9. Going to get self flamed and told to get off the road, but whatever. Extreme example useful since most are so much more laissez-faire about being caught~

    Only end up doing it by accident when distracted from speedo for too long by road - because of my social phobia i'm terrified of being forced to stop and talk to police.

    Unsurprisingly, feel that fear of enforcement which turns the road into the 'distraction' from complying is making me considerably less safe than feeling like i had more freedom/options to get out of blind spots might~

    Edit: To fend off at least a little bit of 'get off the road' i mean it seems to happen most when i'm putting the best effort into riding safely, and then i have to correct it and it makes me go WTF. :p
  10. I can read and predict the traffic better when I'm moving faster than it.
  11. Can you elaborate on this Dan?

    Sorry folks I'm interested in the reasons and the rationale as well.
  12. I'm going to try and translate this so correct me if I'm wrong.

    You don't speed on purpose.
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  13. Awww man, You're not secretly a cop and planning to stalk us and book us all now I hope!!!! :angel:
  14. To the average pleb bikes are small and hard to see, if I am in the left of my lane I can't be seen from the right unless I'm right beside whoever is (not)looking and visa versa.
    When I move through traffic at the fast pace I am dictating my path with the small speed difference.
    I dont need them to look as I won't be in the same place long enough for them to get me.
    When I am out front I can keep an eye on them in the mirrors while looking for hazards up ahead.
    This is not to say screaming through fast as possible is best, I pack of cars makes a great buffer in intersections.
    Time and place for both techniques.
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  15. Oh I'm stalking you, but no I'm not a cop hunny.
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  16. I dont speed
    I qualify
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  17. I'll jump in...

    Flame suit on.

    I've been brow-beaten into submission around town and on freeways. I very, very rarely speed deliberately around town. Sometimes I do but most of the time, I'm like Suriag: too worried about getting caught. I dread the letters from VicRoads and I'm paranoid about getting my licence suspended.

    Fuck, I know my speedo reads high but still I stick to what the speedo says. I could try to justify this behaviour by telling myself I'm giving myself some wiggle room (like most bikes, I can jump 10km/h faster in the blink of an eye with almost no throttle input), but in reality, it's a habit I've gotten into, driven by my fear of demerit points.

    Now that's not to say that I don't:
    Filter to the front (whenever practical)
    Lanesplit (sometimes)
    Keep space around me
    Practice decent lane positioning
    Sit in the flow of traffic if I'm getting passed too much

    I realise my riding is perhaps a little less safe than those who are willing to travel over the speed limit when circumstances warrant it, but unfortunately the paranoia wins.

    I spend way, way, way (get the message) too much time looking at my speedo.
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  18. There are three interlinked answers to this question, 1st is that we are impatient and we don''t want to or like to waste time on a mundane commutes, we want to get where we're going quickly;

    2nd we speed everyday, most people do and we all do it without any type of catastrophe occurring, and as we do it so regularly we see no danger in it (despite what police tell us ...that speeding kills). Even the hypocritical safety Nazi's that you hear condemn 'hoons' speed.
    I have to laugh when I see the headlines about the number of people caught speeding. The large number doesn't tell me that people aren't listening and that they're reckless murders, what it tells us is that a large percentage of the population don't BELIEVE there is anything wrong with speeding. Everyone is, in fact, saying we don't agree with what your telling us so we'll speed anyway and pay the price;

    3rd Speeding in traffic is just a patience thing but high speed is a drug, it's adrenaline, it's conquering your fear and using your mind and physical talent to push the envelope of traction and survive or be the best. Yeehaaaaa.
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  19. Two things I'll add here, but I'll also comment that I stick to the speed limit most of the time because the enforcement is too inconveniencing...

    First is that speed limits are generally slower than most people feel is reasonable. This creates a tension on most roads for most drivers and riders who feel bored or like they aren't getting where they're going fast enough.

    Secondly, I found, when living in another country where there are many motorcycles and splitting and filtering are good practice, that it's easier to navigate the road if all the cars are coming towards you from your front, not from the back. If you're going faster than the rest of the traffic then you don't constantly need to worry about things approaching where you can't see them. Now. Ecause the traffic in this country was so heavy it was easy to go faster than everyone else without speeding, but in Aus that' not the case, especially since we are not legally permitted to use all available road space.
  20. I don't see why you would be flamed for it. I really feel for you peeps living in Victoria as I hear they are shocking with the speed limit regulation.