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So why aren't you riding?

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by lowercase, May 19, 2010.

  1. I was fined for something like speeding and license suspended or cancelled (OR OTHER - please state)

    11 vote(s)
  2. I had an off and my bike is a write off or being repaired but I'm okay

    4 vote(s)
  3. I had an off and both myself and my bike should be back riding soon (minor injuries were sustained)

    3 vote(s)
  4. I had a bad off and I can't ride due to medical injuries for a while yet

    6 vote(s)
  5. I am never able to ride again due to coming off

    3 vote(s)
  1. I'm reading more and more people saying "I can't wait to get back on" "I miss riding" etc etc. So, why aren't you riding?

    Did you lose your license from speeding etc?

    Did you come off and bike write off?

    You injured and can't ride for a while?

    Never able to ride again?

    Don't go into details if it's hard for you... I just am curious. It this thread is inappropriate I apologise. I just think it could be a good wake up call for lots of people on this forum.

  2. Well, technically not off the bike yet, I will be in 30 minutes though :(

    I'm waiting for my bike to get fixed after a dumb bint side swiped me on my way home from work.
  3. :-O

    That's awful :(
  4. Where's the "Work is sucking up all my 'spare' time and I can barely find time to scratch my arse much less scratch some twisties" option???
  5. Recuperating from injuries/bike damage sustained in a fall in March. 6 broken ribs, torn PCL in knee, bruised lung and liver and banged up shoulder. Almost ready to ride. Bike is in repair in Canberra at my mate's shop and will be fixed as soon as he returns from O/S at the end of this month. Could probably be the longest time in 35 years that I have spent without a bike and been unable to ride.

    Damn, I miss riding.
  6. I'm not riding because I'm at work
  7. netrider
  8. I'm not riding because it's cold and I have a car with a working heater.
  9. +1....
  10. Not riding at the moment for the reason someone has already mentioned : Back in Hong Kong for work....work getting in the way of my social life !!!
    Back in Melbourne (for good) on 1st June early am (yeah, baaaaaby !) and much closer to my bike/s :)
  11. I'm not riding as often at the moment because my bike needs a new regulator rectifier. I have been riding my brother's bike but he's trying to sell it, and it is not insured, so I feel kind of bad about using it. So I have been in the car for the past 2 days, it has been years since I have taken the car 2 days in a row... I don't like it :cry:
  12. too cold, waiting for winter to be over. then buy bike :)
  13. Had a low speed drop but the bike landed hard on my left leg, torn anterior ligament in ankle, calf muscle sprain and more soft tissue damage near my hip.

    Nothing too serious but it will take time to heal (longer than it would have taken 30 years ago too); currently on crutches so can't ride.
  14. Second-hand bikes are cheaper over winter, just FYI
  15. Cool - very interesting results!

    And work isn't an option cause I'm only referring to people who've had injuries / offs / police run-ins etc.

    I'll allow overseas or serious long work extended interstate or other breaks, and thus I ALREADY allowed for this with the option of OTHER :)

  16. where is the dont own a bike option?
  17. not there.
  18. You live in Melbourne, not Alaska FFS!
  19. Sorry to maybe hijack your thread lowercase, but, why don't people ride when it is cold?

    Haven't they heard of thermals, woollen socks, neck socks and maybe (just maybe) heated handgrips?
  20. I dunno Mick... it's kinda sad :(

    I ride regardless.