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So why am I doing this again?

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by FALCON-LORD, Feb 12, 2006.

  1. Today I just wanted to stay in bed. Don't know why, but thought it wasn't looking like a day I wanted to spend out and about.

    Wifes Brother calls and gets us moving out to a picnic with the Family.
    Get in the Cage, start the trip out.
    On the Ring rd I'm sitting in the left lane with someone 30 meters back in the right.

    Someone was coming on via an onramp and was going to be right in my spot, so I indicated to move left and give the guy some space. The stupid piece of Excriment in the right lane flaws it and starts flashing his lights at me while tailgating within a meater of me.

    On the way home some yobs in a Brits hire van pull into a tail gating position on the Craigyburn bypass, and just push in tighter and tighter.
    I flashed the breaklights a couple of times but they just kept pushing in closer. I finaly got pissed with having them so close to my arse that they should have been waring a rubber that I brought on the breaks and brought it right down to 80. Stupid Yobs instead of taking the hint brought the cap down under a meter.

    So can someone remind me with trash like that out on the road why I am pushing to get out there without the protection of half a ton of metal around me?
  2. Because on a bike, you're small, agile and have a whole spectrum of additiona; evasion tactics and avenues open to you.

    Give it long enough, and the next time you find yourself having to commute by car, you'll have left claw marks in the upholstery by the time you get to where you're going.

    Cars are just too confining.
  3. It teaches one self discipline.... And apart from turning into superman, you find another form of transpotrt as much fun!!
  4. Perhaps all Brits hire van drivers are from Britain and as such, weren't tailgating you, but driving as they are conditioned to do so. You see, there is no room in Britain and there are lots of people, hence lots of cars, hence they must stay very very close when travelling, in order to all fit on the roads.

    My theory & I'm sticking to it. :LOL:
  5. nice theory VTRGirl....unfortunately wrong.

    British drivers are, on thw whole, better than here when it comes to courtesy. When I moved here (nearly 10yrs now!), I couldn't work out why when I tried to turn at junctions in traffic why no one would let me in. In car parks you'd be waiting to reverse out of a space and people would drive around you, whilst you were moving backwards. Generally, no one could give a stuff and wouldn't help at all.

    But back in Ol' Blighty, the traffic is so shite, that if people weren't considerate or even a little bit helpful, the whole damn place would fall to s*!t.

    And on motorways, how I fondly remember the days of everyone driving at 85mph+ and being passed (yes!) by police cars going quicker...as long as you weren't being a dick, they'd let you go.

    Enough of the rose tinted specs....the place was a dump, cold, damp, miserable and expensive.
  6. Nah theyre poofs so they like to be always near someones ass... :p

    With the bike..the game plan is called escape and evasion....what's there to hit when your gone before it hits. :cool:
  7. Bugger the flashing the brake lights method.
    I stop accelerating to the point where i'm only idling.

    No sudden jolts for me or my passengers, just a gradual decline in speed.

    Works all the time.
  8. Taigating happens to me every day, makes you wonder what else people do wrong.
    Reminds me of the time I was traveling at the 110 k , a woman in an old Valiant rapidly came up behind. she coulda past but didnt, so I slowed down & kept doing so untill I was doing would you believe 20k. I was watching her in the mirror, she was looking strait ahead, talk about tunnel vision. She sat there for a while & eventually past, giving me the finger. Ya gota wonder sometimes hey.
  9. Spot on. Also reduced the risk that you'll be rear ended unaware that his brakes were'nt as good as yours.

    Slowing down is the best way to deal with them. Eventually the get the message (mostly) and overtake. In the meantime, a reduced speed gives them more reaction time if you need to hit the brakes and lessens the damage if they do hit you under brakes.
  10. ditto. works a treat especially on a one lane road (well, two lanes if you include the one coming the other way... but u know what i mean). slow down far enough and for long enough they back off eventually and then i'll kindly speed up again :grin:
  11. Don't give it too much thought FALCON-LORD. I drive a huge van as well as a 4X4 and I don't move for anyone.

    If someone comes up fast behind me but keeps a safe distance I do move to the side but if somone tailgates me I slow down.

    As for when I'm on the bike...I've only been tailgated by a couple tossers but most of the time I'm going too fast for anyone to do so.
  12. i remember when i was doing my Ls the teacher said to me he would keep some ball bearings in his pocket and if the tailgater didnt back off after a couple of brakes he would toss one over his shoulder...
    usually that would shatter the window and he would then speed off
    he did say "DO NOT DO THIS NOW"
    this was back in the old days
    though sometimes i do wish i have a couple of objects to throw at cage drivers
  13. i'm interested to see if that works!!!

    who's up for tailgating me?!? :p
  14. VTRGIRL wrote
    They stay real close in London, as a pillion there i could have lent on the hood of a taxi tailgating us it was so close. :roll: I won't say what we were doing to the doubledecker bus in front and how we passed it. :shock: Mind you they did not have many accidents. If they did the city would become an intant car park.

    Agree with Vic, keep your cool and whether on a bike or in a car just slow down. Let them have the high blood pressure. :p
  15. I don't always subscribe to the slow down when being tailgated theory. If they are stupid enough to tailgait me, they are probably dumb enough to run into the back of me as well. Tailgaiting is often caused by lack of attention; my safety comes before trying to teach people lessons. Quite often buggering around trying to piss the tailgaiter off takes your focus off the road situation and can put you in even greater danger.

    The roll-off method Vic talks about is a better option, but often if you do it people will think you don't have a clue where you are going, and are trying to find an address or kerb-crawling, and tailgate you even more (they might not 'get' that you are teaching them a lesson). But by at least rolling off you've reduced the speed and therefore the stopping distance, or encouraged them to overtake.

    I'll change lanes when I can, or try and maintain some distance regardless of my speed. Often I'll pull over and let the prick go by if I really feel unsafe - much better option than spending 5 kms staring into your rear view mirror with your blood boiling.
  16. Yep works a treat all the time and pisses them right off :LOL:

    Cheers :cool:
  17. Lack of attention is sometimes teh reason as you have pointed out, and sometimes flashing the break lights at em a couple of times is enough to get them to back off. Not all people sitting on your tail are pricks, just the ones who stay there after you give them a warning.
  18. I must admit that tailgating has become less since I've been off my L's and due to having a full car licence I don't have to display the P's. I always thought that the L was to advise other drivers that I was a learner and inexperienced and might do something really unexpected. It seemed that it was an indicator to the riecr-boys to give you a hard time, now that it's gone, I don't get bugged anywhere near as much.
  19. When I'm in a cage I usually go for the roll off method, as Vic suggested. Usually they get the hint and back off.
    However, I've had two notable exceptions to this, both happened a few years apart on the Princes Fwy.

    The first (and funnier) happened when the dickhead tailgating someone in the left lane went around them, then drove up my arse in the middle lane, then up a third person's arse in the left lane. The car the dickhead was now behind started to slow. The dickhead couldn't go right because guess who was there? Me - smiling and waving. And he couldn't slow down and go behind me because he was being boxed in by the first guy that he'd pissed off. We managed to get this dickhead below 30Kph on the freeway. The funniest part was watching him nearly burst a vein in his forehead as we did it.

    Another time a dickhead followed me off the freeway after yelling abuse and threats at me. When I stopped at the lights he got out of his car, which he'd stopped a few metres back, and started to walk up behind mine yelling threats to kill me - so I reversed. He jumped out of the way, and I drove forward again. He came forward again, but this time he came up one side, rather than directly behind. Fortunately I'd been at my parents' house chopping wood earlier, so I had an axe on the floor in the back of the car. It's amazing how fast tailgating dickheads who threaten to kill you for driving at the speed limit back off when you step out of your car brandishing an axe. I took a circuitous route home to avoid being easily followed, then reported the incident (minus axe) to the police, but never heard anything more.
  20. Russian Solution

    Poland 1994.
    Me and two blokes from the Night Wolves, notorious Russian bike gang.
    On the highway to Kornik, black merc comes roaring up behind us. One of the Wolves gives the bloke the finger and motions him to back off. Guy in merc comes so close he's almost on the rear fender of the bike.
    The other biker next to me pulls out a pistol and blasts two shots towards the car. Merc slews all over road and races off down a side street.
    Everyone in Poland and Russia are wary of the Night Wolves, Even the cops never stopped them for speeding. That afternoon I began to suspect why.