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So who's rocked up to a job interview in full leathers?

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by CamKawa, Jun 7, 2006.

  1. I just had an interview with and employment recruiter (human real estate agent) and during our conversation I told her I ride a bike, she then went on say that a few motorcyclists had turned up in full leathers. I was wearing a suit.

    Anyone here turned up to a job interview in full leathers? How did you go?

  2. Id do it if i was going for a job in a strip joint or as a ... lady of the night.

    I always dress up underneath the gear then leave all evidence of a bike on the bike and pretend I dont have anything to do with it. many employers dont like girls on bikes :(
  3. There is no such thing as a human real estate agent, they're all vermin. :twisted:
  4. No BUT, i know a chick that wears full leather FOR her job, but thats a whole nother story :)
  5. Read between the lines mate !!
    She obviously is a member of the Simone Warne MILF Association !!

    You know how full leathers turn chics on !!!
  6. If it was only a recruiter maybe yes. :LOL:
  7. I rocked up in leathers for the Zegna Ducati Monster Promotion job. But, then the lady had also asked me specifically to bring my Monster too, if possible. :cool:
  8. I will second that emotion,that and employment agencies,all tarred with the same brush :demon:

    I did rock up to a job interview in full leathers,told I was coming in that,many a moon ago CES,now Centrelink,said get off cho ass and go for an interview or your sacked,so I did,was selling Vacuumed sealed smoke salmon,door to door :rofl: I kid you not,1 of those bullsh*t adds in everyday in "The Age",management oppotunites,unlimited income potential,make 100k in 3 weeks :jerk: ,guy was a chronic crapola artist,lotsa this :blah: ,needless to say didnt get the job,gee,what a disappointment :dance:got the CES of my back,went back to touring this big brown land,everyone made out a winner \:D/
  9. Me and you are friends with the same people then... :wink: :wink:
  10. recruters are usually more blinkered in what they will accept than actual employers
  11. what would be even funnier is to have your helmet on too :)
  12. Yep I would agree with that, but I am pretty good at what i do!