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so who's parking next to me?? {SA}

Discussion in 'Scooters' started by edgelett, Feb 10, 2006.

  1. I park my CB250 in the old john martins car park on Nth Tce in Adelaide. I found a nice spot on level 3 near the ticket machine that no-one else uses.

    until now

    I've noticed, when I leave work each day lately, a red scooter parked next to me. it's a "jolie" or something.

    so if the rider of this scooter is here....HI!!!

  2. And to the scooters that park in the bike park by Tafe on Morphett Rd/Currie St (And occasionaly in the bank st car park).... Bikes on their side stand are actually leaning over and need room on their right hand side to stand up.... If you don't give me enough room next time I'm going to kick your stupid lookin scooters over...
  3. awww poor fluffy bunny :p itty bitty scooter taking up your space ;)

    nah man i can understand where ur coming from,

    the Gpx would be a fair waight to move on the angle like that. most the uni scooter riders wouldnt realise u gotta straighten up...

    i parked my scooter between two big black harleys the other day.. had a bit fo a laugh! shoulda taken a photo of it ;)

  4. Lol that woulda looked funny as!! Almost as funny as me going splat after getting my mates RM80 way way way to airborne...

    But yeah when the scoots park too close to me it can make it pretty hard to get out of the park. I have to stand next to the bike lift it enough to get the stand up then lower it further than the stand angle to get it out from in between them... Of course because scoots have parked as close as they can either side of me i cant even stand next to it properly... That why next time it happens im gonna teach someone a lesson...

    In particular one black V-moto looking one does it all the time, he parks on the actually dividing line between where two bikes have parked and thinks its not in our way, I've thought about leaving a note telling him to wake the F up and smell the maple nut crunch but I never have pen or paper on me, next time if no one's looking he either gets his scoot pushed into the middle of the road for him and left there, or I'm carrying it to the biggest "no standing/parking what-so-ever" sign i can find and hope he gets a big juicy fine... Or I'll just wait for him and kick him in the nutz!!!!
  5. lol Fluff! such a charmer ;) just leave a note for him.. im sure he will understand. probably doesnt even realise what he is doing.

    if u ever see a red vmoto beside u play nice ;)