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So, who's in a band? Plug it here...

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' at netrider.net.au started by pete the freak, Feb 2, 2006.

  1. I've been noticing recently alot of Netriders have been mentioning the bands that they're in, so I figured, why don't all the musically inclined Netriders let us know about their bands...

    I'll start:

    My band is Six Pocket Theory, an original rock band from the north shore of Sydney (I play the bass). We've been gigging for about 4-5 years now, and have just released and independent EP called "About The Weather". Musical style ranges from folky ballads, through blues and into heavier stuff with a decidedly funky edge...

    Before that I was keyboardist in a ska band called Halfdave (so called because 3 of the 6 members were in fact called Dave). We were most famous for our song "I Like Boobs", which I wrote.

    Before that I was in a band called Penderghast, playing guitar and writing the songs.

    Anyhoo, what about the rest of you budding rock stars?? :cool:


    Six Pocket Theory playing live at Manly Fisho's (Pittwater Rd Manly) on Saturday the 28th of February.

    Supports include Held and A LIttle Revolution.

    ***END GRATUITY***
  2. My uncle was bass player for the twilights... Does that count :p
  3. G'day Pete. Sounds like an interesting outfit.

    I'll take up the baton.

    I'm keys/sax/vocalist in my band(s), Pogo, Pogo+, and Howard is. The nucleus of the band has been around for 10yrs [include me] and we do basic rock40 and classic covers.

    We're actually playing tonight at Crown, level1 bar, and are on their regular band rotation list.

    The Pogo version does corporate and private shows. The "Howard is" version does lower priced pub gigs and has a non flashy basic set up as a result.

    Web presence is limited at the moment... which we're looking into to expanding it...

  4. Have a squiz at www.suade.net

    I'm busting my arse producing our first CD, it's a killer job to record a cappella well. Might explain why I'm always missing early morning rides - I'm at the studio 'til 1am 3 nights a week and designing cover art another 2...

    It's becoming a pretty successful group, big mailing list and we consistently get 180-200 people to our public, promoted shows.

    Next time I've got a proper show on I'll post about it, love to show the group off to y'all Netrider peeps yo.
  5. Hi All,

    Good idea Pete...

    My band is called 'Life Imitating' formerly called 'Bluestar'. Changed names back in 2004 with a different line up. Our first EP Stories was released back in 2001. We are a rock/alternative 3 piece from Melbourne, which I play the drums. We haven't been playing gigs for a while as we have spent a while just writing and recording. I'm not going to bore you anymore, if you like you can check out the site www.lifeimitating.com and read the bio if you enjoy being bored. :p And your more them welcome to download some tracks and check out the video clip.


  6. well. my band broke up this week but prior to that I have played guitar in the following:

    ZOO-2 the Adelaide U2 Tribute Show. I started this band in 1994 & we were together for around 10 years. had a lot of fun. broke up last year.

    POV (Persistence of Vision). 4 piece, did reasonably well, had heaps of gigs, but disagreements led to our demise.

    Q The Band - 4 piece, were played on JJJ a couple of times. Had stitloads of gigs & started to think of touring interstate. The day we sent the artwork to the printer for our debut EP is the day our singer quit. we decided to just burn the Cd ourselfes for friends & family & people that came to support us.

    unnamed - drummer from Q & I started to jam together again a year & a half ago. got new members & broke up this week.

    need to get my speakers back from one of the boys.
  7. I play guitar in a band called Civil Blood Civil Hands. For those that know metal its pretty much your typical metalcore, not trying to create a musical revolution or anything, just 5 guys having fun and gigging.

    Next gig is at The Arthouse on the 18th of Feb with Shallow Grave and October Myst.
  8. I'm the bass player in a band called Two Short ;)

    We play original Rock/Blues, and have been together for around 7 months.

    We're in Melbourne, and getting a gig here and there.

    We're going to do some recording around March.


    We've all got day jobs, and don't expect to become rock stars, but we're out there and having lots of fun :p
  9. i play clarinet in the skool concert band and tenor sax in the jazz band.....does that count??!!

    ok, ok im not a rock star...
  10. I do music for film and general release.
    Have an international release due out next week.
    Already went in at #9 on the US billboard DJ charts.

    It will be my 39th Album Ive produced and my First Australian release. Most of my past stuff is in Uk as Im scottish and here on a Music visa.

    For what its worth Im a manager at Billy Hyde (pro-Audio) in blackburn if the Muso's here are looking for a good deal on stuff.

  11. I have played in heaps of bands ranging from blues, rock, originals now in a band that does private functions weddings and corporate gigs not really my style but we get regular gigs www.rockwyse.com.au :grin:
  12. Hey stookie say gidday to darren west for me i went to visit him the other day but wasnt home :grin:
  13. anyone else play clarinet?? or sax?
  14. Hah!

    That's where I bought both of my bass rigs :(

    If only I knew!


  15. Same here, well not bass rigs, but gear for my studio, a few years ago.

    Yes! It would have been nice to know....
  16. Wow lots of musos!
    I play trumpet in a 18 piece Jazz band, named : Bird Yard Big Band. www.birdyard.com.au
    The band has been together for over 10 years, but we have all been playing for a fair bit longer than that. To give you an example im probably the least experienced in the band, and i've toured the U.k. and have been playing about 17 years :)
    The lead player in our band toured with the musical Jesus Christ Superstar in the 70's when it was first brought to Australia!

    Anyway, our next gig is at a Jazz bar in Sydney, Soup Pluswww.soupplus.com.au, on the 21st of Feb.

    We regularly do Weddings, private functions, corporate work, charity fundraising, birthday parties, you name it. We'll play just about anywhere if theres a need for it:)
    We played at the Mudgee Show once in the back of a Semi Trailer! (dont ask how you fit 18 players in the back of a semi)

    Anyway, check out the site if you like, or drop me a line if you feel like coming to a gig.

    Any feedback is always more than welcome :)

  17. Hey I play the bass and sometimes drums. I play in the local church. He he he to lessen my evil deeds whenever I ride my bike. :twisted: Its not me, my bike made me do it. :roll:
  18. Love watching your X-Factor Grand Final appearance video. Even if you were wearing a mask, it would still be easy to tell it's you :LOL: :LOL: What's with giving the other guy a wedgie when you walk off stage? Any excuse to grab another guys arse on national TV :LOL: :LOL: :LOL: :LOL: :butt:

    For those that don't know Loz - the guys in the white shirts, he's the one on teh far left with the beard :)
  19. I play bass in a black/doom metal band - Anno domini
    www.ad-band.com ( excuse the logo, im in fact chirstian tho joined the band after everything was already made). Have a full lenght album and EP about to record at the SAE colledge and playing on the 3rd of march, 18+ show just havent been told the venue lol.
  20. Im just about to start rehearsing in a blues band here in adelaide. Unamed as yet.