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So, who's going to "No Undies Sunday"

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by rourkster, Sep 18, 2008.

  1. I just read this on yahoo :rofl: I love that name. Fargin discrimination, its a 1 way street.

    Which got me thinking, 8-[ all the Fitzroy st ladies of the night going :-k 50 buck drink card and all I got to do is take my pants off, hey, Ive already pulled 4 tricks today and had some guy want to involve me and his chiwawa, and I am an alcoholic, to deal with this chit, where do I sign :roll:
  2. Didnt read the article yet, but heard on the radio it wa called off... :(
  3. Appently it's the same Pub that had the Dwarf doing free laybacks?

    Bummer. Bet he was wearing his gruds though. :wink:

    Most chicks would just have a spare pair tucked into theirs and whosh, I'll have 10 Jagger Bombs please publican.


  4. The Filth have shut it down.
  5. I'll clean the pub if it helps the filth :wink:
  6. Bugger, guess i'll have to cancel my flight then :LOL: :twisted:

    Deb how about a pants off party at HQ when we come down ? :twisted:
  7. if anyone has been to a nightclub these days, most women would actually need to put undies back on to do the trade...i think this is an initiative of the mothers association of australia, trying to get young girls to always wear clean undies out.
  8. Ha ha ha, and the thing is, they didn't need $50 vouchers, a free drink would have done it!
  9. Gotta look respectable when you're a teenage s!@t :LOL: ;)
  10. I think there will be a few people who would go for that!! :LOL: :LOL: