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So...who's going to be the brave one? - Optimax 100 Extreme

Discussion in 'Technical and Troubleshooting Torque' started by LineNoise, Nov 16, 2005.

  1. http://www.shell.com.au/extreme

    Spotted this earlier today. It's a 100 RON, E05 ethanol blend fuel.

    So....which one of you guys is brave enough to put it in ya bike? :p
  2. Punt rd Shell was closed to the public lunchtime today for the launch of this product with company execs all over the site.
  3. I'll give it a crack :LOL:
  4. I might bung it in the Impreza. The CB250 is a little bit worse for wear though, the head's rattling around enough without MORE octane :p Best not to tempt fate.
  5. I'm brave enough to put it in someone elses bike...
  6. Bastard you beat me to it!
  7. I'll put it in the BMW but not in the Spada - it hates Optimax.
  8. Probably better off with a high octane fuel in the CB if that is the case.
  9. http://www.fcai.com.au/ethanol.php/2004/11/00000001.html

    both suzuki and yamaha motorcycles say not to use ethanol blend fuels in their bikes according to that page ... and honda say it will void the warranty

    so i would stay away from it if i was you!
  10. I'll think about it and get back to you!!
  11. If I want to get anal...and I do ;) ...technically using this won't void your warranty according to that site.

    This stuff's E05 :p

    Oh...and from memory ALL fuel can now have up to 5% ethanol in it and they DO NOT have to tell you.
  12. must... not.... say.......
  13. Oooh the ricer boys are going to go nuts for that stuff. Personally I'm keeping my bike well away from ethanol blended fuels for as long as I can, I'd like to keep my carbs uncorroded.
  14. :LOL: :LOL: :LOL: :LOL: :LOL: :LOL:
    i was waiting for someone to pick that up!!
  15. Nope that stuff aint going in my xr8 and it is certainly not going in my zx9 or my z900 good for scooters i here ohhh and suzukis
  16. http://www.autoindustries.com.au/ethanol.php/2004/11/00000001.html

    BMW All motorcycles since 1986 will operate satisfactorily on E10.

    Harley Davidson All motorcycles since 1986 will operate satisfactorily on E10.

    Honda All motorcycles and all terrain vehicles may operate satisfactorily on E10 but there may be drivability issues. Drivability, performance or durability issues resulting from the use of E10 will NOT be covered by Honda warranty.

    Suzuki All motorcycles and all terrain vehicles do not operate satisfactorily on E10 fuel.

    Yamaha All motorcycles and all terrain vehicles do not operate satisfactorily on E10 fuel.

    There's no info about E05
  17. http://www.autoindustries.com.au/ethanol.php/2004/11/00000001.html

    Ford All petrol engine vehicles since 1986 will operate satisfactorily on E10 except as listed below.

    The following models may not operate satisfactorily on E10 fuel because of drivability concerns:
    Focus (2002 - 2004), F-series (1986-1992), Ka (All), Maverick (1988-1993), Mondeo (All), Transit (1996 - 2004).

    The following models do not operate satisfactorily on E10 fuel:
    Capri (1989-1994), Courier 2.0L & 2.6L (All), Econovan (pre-2002), Festiva (All), Laser 1.3L, 1.5L & 1.6L (All), Raider (All), Telstar (All).
  18. So was I you know? :LOL:

    Personally I wish they'd stop flapping around with these small ethanol mixes.

    E85 and onwards is where the real benefits kick in. 110+ RON, saves a crap load more petrol etc. Yes you need a fuel system that can cope etc. etc. but once manufacturers adapt it'll be good, particularly if you are a fan of turbo cars (the new Saabs see a 30 HP boost on E85 and a 42 HP boost on E100 over 95 octane unleaded thanks to some cunning ECU work).

  19. Not mine. Not until somebody a little more independent of the political party pushing Ethanol down our throats than the Federal Chamber of Automotive Industries, tells me its ok.
  20. This always makes me laugh these fuel debates.

    I reckon I could fill three identical CBR600's, 1 with your favourite fuel (Whatever that may), 1 with Bundy OP and the last with Optimax.

    I reckon none of your highly tuned arse dynos could pick the difference. :wink:

    Feel free to flame away, but my VTR guzzles anything at an alarming rate. I can't tell the difference. :D