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So who's buying Windows 8

Discussion in 'The Pub' at netrider.net.au started by goz, Oct 25, 2012.

  1. Released tomorrow


    Looking at the videos, I'm not liking it

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  2. After using it on a 'mule' PC for the last few months, I predict it will bomb bigger than Vista
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  3. I regret buying windows 95

    had the Dev preview ,its geared toward touch screens and is weird.
  4. well thats right, its made for tablets, what about the full blown gaming pc's and the like
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  5. I don't mind it at all. Mind you being a geek at heart I have no issue picking up and learning something new.
    I'd consider finally buying it legit this time around.
  6. What's the benefits compared to Win7? I thought Win7 is pretty good.
  7. Nobody i know wants finger prints on their monitor.Im sure it will be fine, adjustable for mouse only use.i just did not like it and did not spend much time with ,

    Im very fussy about my audio .did not change to windows 7 for ages , XP all ways sounded better, and it takes me forever to get everything the way i like it.

    I find reasons not too upgrade :D

    Benefits of 7
    It just kicks ass
    make sure you running a 64bit flavor of 7 spend some time tweaking it.
  8. I'm thinking of trying it on the netbook since i don't use it anyway...No interest on the main PC unless everything is heaps faster and i can game/fart arse around just as easily.
  9. For once I'm with Hornet. This will bomb and Microsoft will be broke by next Tuesday. Bill Gates will move to Siberia where he will live out his days as a small hamster named 'Colin'.

    You heard it here first.
  10. yep....no interest in it - just looks like a ipad/tablet with the way they've changed the whole start bar set-up - windows 8 - please **** right off

    i think having this as a reminder might see me purchase a laptop sooner rather than later to avoid getting stuck with it
  11. [​IMG]

    criminal :)
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  12. I won't be putting it on my desktop as of yet. I will however put in that I think windows 8 will do great in the tablet/touch screen areas... Not so much desktop.

    There has already been 3rd party patch software to bring back the 'start' button because some people are not able to adapt to change.

    I for one am kind of excited by the prospect of a new designed windows format and the way it will function. A few reviews I have read all basically say the same things, 'at first I was lost and didn't know wtf I was doing and thought this platform eats donkeys penis, but then after a while I started to get used to it and its not so bad after all, it's something you go to get used to.
  13. Im not in any rush. When the desktop gets upgraded next time, maybe then.
    Work laptop qualifies for a free upgrade which ill accept just for the free copy.
  14. Bill's probably hoping it bombs, it would show that Microsoft was him.

    and he's too busy off saving the 3rd world to give a shite, probably already sold off enough stock before it dived to live a 1000 uber rich lifetimes.

    But I'm off to register colinthehamster.com just in case.
  15. Buying software? Like, paying money for it, yeah?

    Interesting concept.
  16. Been using different versions (Consumer/Release/Developer Preview) for a couple of months now. Now using the RTM (illegal copy) on my other system, Feels faster both in startup process and general all round performance.

    My biggest gripe is when searching for stuff in Metro screen if you're looking for say "Power Options" and you type in "Pow" it'll list the Apps if there are any, but it won't include the stuff that's found in the Control Panel, you need to click the tab on the right hand side. Everything else I'm used to now.

    I'll be purchasing it for my main PC sometime next week probably.
  17. i a software design student and i think i would have done a better job coding with my eyes closed and half a bottle of vodka in me i hate it mind you i hate vista as well Microsoft seem to get every second one right
  18. I thought I read originally you could change to use the original microsoft theme? (start button, taskbar etc)

    and I might "buy" it and see what its like
  19. www.stardock.com

    Can't resist an old Microsoft joke..

    Bill's driving along in his Porsche when it clanks to a stop

    he rings Road Service who say "close all the windows and start again"