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So who's buying a new bike this year?

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' at netrider.net.au started by Samboss260, Jan 4, 2013.

  1. As things are pretty slow at work, I've spent a little time researching my shortlist of bikes for when I upgrade this year, which lead me to this post.

    Who else is looking at buying a new bike? What bikes are on your shortlist, and why?

    Me.... I'm looking at something like a Yamaha FZ6R or a Kawak 650R. Can't decide between the two at this stage, so will have to wait until I'm off restrctions so that I can ride both of them.

    My criteria is;
    - More upright position of a sports tourer type of bike
    - I prefer the fully faired look
    - A middle-weight bike, so between 600 and 800cc
    - Cost between $8k to $9k
    - And something with a reasonably low seat height for a short-ass like me.

    So what are you looking at, and why?

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  2. I'm changing up from my VT750s cruiser this year.
    Had to sell it to buy my house and now I'm saving for the next road bike.

    Found the cruiser to be a limiting style of bike for me so I'm looking to go back to a naked sports/street fighter type of bike.

    New Bikes I'm looking at are
    - 2013 Kawasaki Z800
    - 2013 triumph street triple
    - Honda CB400

    Second hand options
    - Honda CB900f Hornet
    Really wish they'd bring the latest 600 hornet to Australia so I could buy a new one! Got a real soft spot for the hornets.
  3. I've got a K1200RS that ticks all your boxes for sale except engine size. Need to sell it ASAP to pay for the K1600GT I just purchased before its delivered at the end of the month.
  4. Going to be a good year this year, I hope.

    Looking at 2013 Street Triple R
    2013 Daytona 675R
    2013 ZX6R
    2012/2013 CBR600RR
    Or if the rumours are true I'll wait it see what the new mini Panigale looks like.

    Decisions, decisions.
  5. I'll be shopping when I get off LAMS restriction. Not sure if I want another cruiser or a naked. Looking at:
    Street Triple R
    Versys 650
    Triumph Thunderbird Storm.
  6. Really want to ride a CB400 for my daily commute and weekends, more power than my VTR250 at the moment and low seat height, heard nothing but good things. Not sure if I should go for my licence upgrade in July because ultimately I am considering a BMW F800R but I want the CB first, so that is a longer term thing.
  7. I have to wait until November when I finish my restrictions. But I'm looking forward to test riding and choosing a new bike then.
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    we are looking at a Virago very soon for my wife who just got her restricted licence. she has been riding a GV250 during her learners months.

    we were going to hold out till unrestriced licence to upgrade, but we got no choice but to change now.
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  9. I've had my M109r for just over a year so the itch to get on something else has appeared, I'm thinking of getting either a W800Kwak or a 2nd hand wee-strom both for commuting and local rides. Will keep the M for longer, faster riding.
  10. Finances permitting I'm probably going to trade up on the little cb sometime this year. Spending a fair whack of time riding two up with luggage, and she's really not up to it.

    Looking to get an adventure tourer. Not really for anything serious offroad, (apart from getting from nearest road to campsite stuff) just because I have tended to get everywhere in the country and it's irritating doing unsealed roads on a roadbike. Probably a second hand r1200gsa if I can find one well kitted out at a good price, but I'll be testriding the tiger adventure, tiger 800xc, supertenere, et all
  11. Hoping to get a new bike this year, restrictions are up in April and I've been without a bike for too long. Have to talk to the bank to see how much they're willing to give me, but I'd really love a secondhand Hayabusa, either '99 or '08+
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  12. Just picked up my new CB400ABS (2011), 43 degrees in the shade, fark. Yeah stalled it once getting used to the new friction point at 27 sets lights, thats my excuse anyway.
    The difference between this and my little 2fiidy is obvious from the turn of key. First real ride tomorrow morning in the hills.
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  13. the minister for war and finances said if they discontinue the matte grey r1 after 2013 i can buy one at the end of this year. im half way through selling my race car stuff so by then it should all be sold so i can pay with cash money. i will wait and see what the 2014 model looks like but i really love the look of the matte grey. will be my first big bike so a steep learning curve ahead
  14. Restrictions end in September (and I get my full car license in may) so rather than buying a turbo'd car I've decided to spend that money on a big bike instead.

    So far my shortlist is:
    -zx6r 636
    -or might just go all the way and get the current model cbr1000rr
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  15. Im thinking about a Hypermotard for some adventure touring,or an Aprilia 1200
  16. Coming off restrictions on tuesday! Tossing between the following bikes at the moment (in no particular order):

  17. There's the faint possibility of a new job which will involve a fairly lengthy commute (80 kms each way, mostly highway) which won't really suit the DR. If it happens, the replacement won't be new but is likely to be an ex-plod BMW R1200RT or K1200GT, with a new white lid to match for me ;). Not exciting by many people's standards, but if I'm going to be doing 80 km at the beginning and end of every working day, year round, my old bones need a muscular express with some real weather protection, waterproof luggage space for briefcase and laptop and the ability to scare the shit out of car drivers.
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  18. maybe mid year...
    BMW K1300S
    Harley V-rod (of some sort)
    or something adventury like a GS1200 or multistrada
  19. Hopefully one of the following for me, pending test rides...

    Aprilia V4R Tuono
    Aprilia V4R Tuono
    Aprilia V4R Tuono

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  20. Tuono for me too provided they start offering ABS on it, which is quite likely.