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So who/what gets you "en garde"??

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' started by Wallsy, Jan 10, 2009.

  1. At the risk of sterotyping I find there are certain drivers that get me on my toes and ready for anything...
    • Cabs
      P Platers
      Cars with lots of fluffy toys in the back (tryin to be subtle here :wink:)
    So what else you got...

  2. Anyone wearing a hi-vis jacket. Tradies/workmen are shockers - at least here in Canberra.
  3. People in hire cars / trucks
    Old people
    bad condition cars (good chance the lights may be dodgey)
    Vn commodores
  4. any vehicle with more than 2 wheels!
  5. any driver wearing a hat especially if they drive a Volvo.
  6. The approach to any freeway exit.

    Driving after midnight, everyone seems to be drunk, fatigued, lost, feel like they can do anything as they are the only ones on the road, a combination of all of the above.
  7. people who drive yellow submarines
  8. Female drivers.

    For two different reasons.
  9. Anything that moves and some things that dont :grin:
  10. * Any car with a sign advertising they have kids on board!
    * Any 1 tonne tradies ute with 4 tonnes onboard
    * Hire trucks that you can drive on a car license
    * Doof Doof cars because their eyeballs will be rattling
  11. I don't get these signs. Are my breaks meant to work better if I am going to hit them?

    Should I change my exhaust on the fly to be quieter so not to wake the bub.
  12. It's telling everybody that if they are driving like a pig-headed asshole, that, in their opinion, they have a valid justification, i.e., I'm a stressed out parent.
  13. ment for if they have a crash you know to search for kids.
  14. VN commodores that start spinning the wheels whilst right behind me at a stop sign like I had today
  15. Females on green P plates, always a worry.
    Four near misses in the last 12 months, all fitted the above description.
    Three were in silver cars but I will dismiss that as a fashion factor.
  16. - Mazda 3 or 6's
    - Subaru
    - Hilux
    - Ford
    - Holden
    - Green P platers
    or basically any car with an ACT plate on it :shock: :LOL:
  17. * C-nts (pretty much sums up everything)

    * Commodore drivers
    * Fleet car drivers
    * Interstate drivers (Nearly got cleaned up by one last night down Punt Rd)
    * Air head dipshit females paying attention only to their terrible music
    * Cars with fluffy shit all over them (Hint) << WELL SAID.
    * Cops (Dunno y, just sh!t myself when i see them)
    * People who are so old they still drive with their hands at 10 and 2 on the wheel
    * People who give me shit for lane splitting

  18. Commodores.

    They must all burn in hell. I'm over taking off at the lights, yawning, thinking about lunch then having wankerdore fly past me after I bottom out at the speed limit :?
  19. So far, from my limited experience, I'd have to agree with cars that are loaded with fluffy toys and anything with a P plate on it. Especially if it's female!

    I've had qutie a few experiences with P platers, the best ones:

    I filtered to the front of the lane, had quite a bit of distance between myself and the car in front (was a Green P plater). She was playing with her phone so stopped well short of the line. About 10 seconds later I felt this nudge on my right leg! Sill B**CH let her brake slip and rolled the car forward pinning my leg to the side of my bike. I should have been over a bit more, but I'm kinda gald I wasn't in this instance. Lucky it was barely a nudge. Scared S**T outta her though :)

    Second was a plush toy filled Green P plate female (Hat Trick!) who decided that even though I had filtered past her, she wanted her possition back and tried to squeeze up the right hand side of the lane between myself and the concrete barricade to push me out of the way. You should have seen the look on her face too, was like it was the most intense thing she had to to that day. Concentration was all over face trying to manouver the car into a .5 car width gap. Lucky I saw her coming and was able to move over a bit, then the lights went green. I'd heard of this happening to people before, but never really believed it until now.